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Introduction– A weighbridge software delivers total management reporting and control of the weighbridge operation across one or more sites. What makes a Weighbridge software unique is its innovativeness, uniqueness accuracy, reliability, and specialization. Endel Digital brings the most comprehensive of solutions for weighing accuracy, traceability, and visibility which is the founding stone for any business. The unmanned weighing software is also known by the name of WeighMAST is designed to offer complete customization, security, and monitoring. A step-by-step analysis of this tool and sophisticated integrated software can help reap its benefits better.

Automation of the Operation with the Weighbridge software

The Weighbridge system eliminates the need for weighbridge operators by identifying and capturing the weight information of each lot or vehicle that passes by. The 24/7 capturing is then sent to the web dashboard for capturing. There is a provision for real-time data sharing between multiple users which can prevent fraud and optimize productivity. This weighbridge software comes with a camera and hardware which provides end-to-end integration with driver terminals. The automation of the weighbridge makes it easier for extensive data extraction, collection, and processing functions. The secure weighment is also aided by the RFID integration and the barrier gate and is compatible with the leading ERP.

Automated Weighbridge Software with Camera Manless Weighbridge Systems

How the innovative software can be helpful to explore the scope of the work area

A manless weighbridge system comes of prime importance in transportation to ensure safety and compliance as well as to improve the traffic flow with increased efficiency and maximum productivity. A weighbridge software developer regularly upgrades the software to ensure a complete and thorough check so that all the resources can be reviewed from to time to time. Compliance is important as overloaded vehicles may pose a considerable amount of safety risk and also fines issued. Overloading could also shorten the life of vehicles causing wear and tear.

The comprehensive and integrated weighbridge software along with excellent vehicle management allows to collect data and produce a detailed reporting system to manage fleet and store digital records. Cost and profit centers can be identified and time spent can be reduced before loading the trucks. Additionally the ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) Cameras can integrate with the weighbridge system to provide an additional layer of security and delivering a smooth transmission of data with the database.

Weighbridge Software

How Weighing Software can Accelerate Growth

The weighbridge system software can be used effectively for batching, getting the weight captured, controlling inventory, storing data, and reporting. The leading weighbridge software incorporates innovative technologies like the Internet of things and artificial intelligence and total customization as per the client’s requirement. It can downsize costs by cutting down unnecessary expenses of operations and manpower at the user site. Similarly, it can mitigate thefts by tight control over the surveillance through enhanced and superlative technologies. Any human error is eliminated with the implementation of the manless weighbridge system. Also being an excellent software extended hours of availability and all-time user access helps improvise the operations. The reduced time of transfer also helps in making tasks such as accounting and reporting more efficient. Any gaps can be plugged in instantly to smoothly perform the operations and aid in faster supply chain management.

Take Away– The weighbridge automation software can streamline all the processes especially in times of crisis like the pandemic Covid -19, an accelerated supply chain can keep the economy moving and the weighing software has proved the efficacy without the need for physical presence yet with delivery and accuracy at its best!