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Automate your Weighing Operations with
Efficient Number Plate Recognition




About ANPR -Integrated Weighing Automation Solution

If you’re looking for an accurate and efficient way to weigh vehicles at your organization’s premises, look no further than our ANPR-enabled weighing solution. Our team has developed the ideal solution for your weighbridge, which integrates the state-of-the-art Hikvision ANPR system to validate the vehicles entering and exiting your weighbridge. 

Our weighbridge data management system, WeighMAST, integrated with Hikvision’s ANPR offers the highest security and seamless integration with existing software. These ANPR cameras are more affordable, reliable, and relevant for a variety of applications. They are equipped with powerful processors and deep learning algorithms that allow them to provide accurate results even in low-light conditions, from unideal vantage points, and with non-standard characters. Hikvision’s ANPR camera system is made to integrate directly with our weighbridge software.

How ANPR works

Hikvision ANPR: The ideal solution for you

Endel Digital is a tech leader in digital security solutions, and our experience shows in our state-of-the-art ANPR technology. Our systems integrate seamlessly with Hikvision’s industry-leading technologies and algorithms to locate the number plate on the vehicle, isolate and recognize all the characters on the plate, and reformat the characters to store them digitally.

Features of the ANPR-integrated
Weighing Automation


The Hikvision ANPR camera has an ultra-high recognition rate, even in environments with non-stop vehicle flow. It is accurate in low lighting and bad weather settings, making it perfect for a variety of applications.

Provide Security

Our solution can be integrated with auto-alarm systems to notify you when blacklisted vehicles attempt to enter your premises. This way, you’ll always be aware of any potential threats and take action accordingly.

Seamless Implementation

Flexible integration capabilities of ANPR systems allows you to connect with existing Gate management systems, ERPs, Cloud servers, and more. This way, you can manage all your operations from a single platform.

Centralized Management

You’ll be able to see comprehensive vehicle records that include when each car enters and exits the lot.

Flexible Integration

 Endel Digital weighbridge solutions provide easy deployment and integration to help you save time and money.

Benefits of ANPR weighing solution

Hikvision’s ANPR technology is designed to be adaptable to any environmental conditions, with advanced algorithms that allow for recognition of multiple plate types from all regions. In ideal weather and light conditions, Hikvision ANPR cameras boast more than 95% accuracy, and 98% accuracy in ideal weather and light conditions.