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WeighMAST®- Weighbridge Software

Bringing Innovation to  Industrial Weighing

Our decades of industrial experience have allowed us to create the ideal customizable weighbridge data management software, fit for any industry across the globe.

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Engineered to Optimize Your Industrial
Weighing Operations with Weighbridge Software

Automated weighment capturing

WeighMAST weighbridge software allows for direct weighment capturing from the weighbridge indicator, reducing the chances of data tampering.

Camera integration

Integrate up to 8 cameras to WeighMAST weighbridge software, to automatically capture images at the time of weighment. Store all images with the transaction history and receipt.

SMS and Email Notifications

Get real-time notifications of transactions via SMS or Email. Configure different rules to send notifications to respective stakeholders such as purchase manager, dispatch manager, etc.
Automated reporting

Automated reporting

Get detailed weighbridge report, truck wise report, driver wise report, product wise report for complete data clarity. Export the reports in Excel, PDF, CSV files for easy access to data.

Custom receipt design

Design your own receipt as per company requirements, including as many or as little fields and information required. Include all or select images from the camera.

FCI DOS Integration

Integrate your WeighMAST weighbridge software with FCI DOS portal for data safety and integrity. Push the weighment information at the click of a button, for easy and secure operations.

ERP integration

Integrate your WeighMAST Weighbridge software with any existing ERP systems such as- SAP, Oracle, Tally, Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Establish a workflow for clear data communication via API, temporary tables, or .txt files.

Cloud Reporting

Sync all your weighbridge data in real-time using our WeighMAST on Cloud portal. Integrate weighbridges across all locations, and access their data on a central portal, with a birds-eye view dashboard tracking your key KPIs.

Microsoft Active Directory

Use Microsoft Active Directory to maintain central domain access rights, create user groups to allow for data access on cloud. Fitting directly into your Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Cloud reporting

Using data analytics and data visualization, WeighMAST on cloud provides real-time data reporting and trends from a birds-eye view, ideal for any large organization.


ERP integration

Integrate WeighMAST with your existing ERP systems for real-time sync. Track SOs, POs, and Vendors against weighment transactions, feed the data directly into your accounting ERP for invoice generation and stock updates.


Multi-weighbridge integration

Is your organization running multiple weighbridges across the premises? Sync the data between all the weighbridges, for easy tracking of material, trucks, vendors, and transactions.


Hardware integration for complete automation

Scale up your WeighMAST System to integrate with ANPR Cameras, RFID readers, position sensors, and more. Automate your weighing operation, to eliminate the chances of material theft and data inaccuracies.


Get the Optimum ROI on your Weighment Operations with WeighMAST® Weighbridge Software

Material theft, data tampering, and manual errors are ever prevalent in any organization’s weighing operations. WeighMAST® tackles all these challenges, giving you the return on your investment from day 1.   

All of the features are easy to use, completely fool-proof, and integrate features to ensure data transparency. SMS and Email notifications, Automated report generation, cloud integration, camera integration, and central synchronization ensures that your weighing operations are being optimally utilized.

Data transparency

Real-time reporting

Enhanced security


Pricing plans

We have scaled our weighbridge software for all kinds of enterprises, be it small, medium, or large. We provide you with 4 different options based on your requirements.


Want to know more about WeighMAST®?

WeighMAST® comes with a 2-week free trial version, and then a perpetual license can be purchased.
The software can be used by any number of users. There are unique user roles and rights, to keep your data safe.
WeighMAST® is a desktop weighbridge management software. To know more about our mobile and cloud-based weighing solutions, visit: Bluetooth page
WeighMAST® comes with a cloud-based reporting solution deployed as SaaS or On-prem.
WeighMAST® can be easily integrated with any ERP, HRMS System, TallyERP (Accounting solutions), Gate management systems, and more.
Integrate WeighMAST® with IP cameras, ANPR cameras, RFID Sensors, UHF Readers, Boom barriers, and more.
Each WeighMAST® License includes 1-year of free remote support, after which AMC can be taken.
Endel Digital has a dedicated OEM Coordinator, working with channel partners across India, Middle East, and Africa. Contact us now to know more.

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