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Weighing solutions for
Mining Industries

Weighing Solutions for
Mining Industries

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Mining Industries Brochure

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of weighing within the mining and quarrying industry. Having a solid, reliable weighing system in place is essential for operational efficiency, cost control, regulatory compliance, and revenue management of all mines. Weighbridges, and specifically weighbridge software, utilises advanced technology to provide accurate and precise weight data. Having more accurate weight data means you can keep closer track of your inventory, obtain precise measurements of incoming and outgoing materials, and minimise wastage onsite. Weighbridges provide legal-for-trade weight readings, helping you record weight data for legislative purposes and any reporting requirements.

Endel has devised the ultimate software solution for all the weighing needs at any mine or quarry.

What makes Endel’s mining solution ideal for you?

Process automation designed to align with mining operations

  • Endel’s ‘WeighMAST for Mining’ integrates seamlessly with the ERP system of the company, so that truck registration numbers can be cross-checked with reference data.
  • To ensure that the truck is positioned properly on weighbridge platform, the system deploys multiple high-reliability sensors and feedback is provided through Red/Green Color traffic signals. This traffic light system ensures that the truck does not leave the weighbridge, until the accurate weighment data has been captured.
  • Additionally, live camera feeds are provided via the operator console to quickly validate the truck and its position, resulting in faster throughput and improved operational efficiency
  • The weight data is automatically and securely saved to the ERP database where it can be used for invoicing or to help with inventory management. Photographs of each truck that passes over the weighbridge are also captured and stored for review and auditing purposes.
  • In the traditional weighbridge operations, it was left to the operators’ discretion to check the vehicle’s position on weighbridge platform and there was no way to enforce it or verify if it was done. With our software, the company no longer has to rely on the operator’s skill to get the correct weighing data, and storing it in the right manner.

Why does your manufacturing process need this?

Less waste

Less risk

Easier to connect

More insightful data

Less time for integration, configuration, and implementation

More productivity and scalability

Scalability through integration of various Weighbridges across premises

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Businesses that have very large premises across different locations, would be operating different Weighbridges. WeighMAST allows Weighbridges to be connected and integrated with one other seamlessly, ensuring that the information regarding vehicle movement and material movement is shared to the right people. WeighMAST allows for scaling up the weighbridge operations with extreme ease, allowing for up to 50 Weighment transactions taking place within one minute


Integration with PO/SO/Vendor management

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WeighMAST for Mining' can be integrated for Vendor management, where different product category, set rate for the products, sizing parameter for each product can be set. All this data is fetched by SAP which is integrated with the system. Every weighment transaction can be associated with a PO/SO and a specific vendor or supplier, this provides very clear data visibility and avoids any miscommunication amongst the team members. The data is fetched from the cloud and allows the operator, or gate security to ensure whether the right product, with the right characteristics are being brought into the organization.

Integration with complete mining process; from harvesting to supplying

Mining industry has a value chain with various interdependent steps. Starting from the extraction to shipping, WeighMAST allows you to accurately track the weight across all the various sites and locations.

Complete smart reporting and cloud-based data management

Out Of Box Reports

  • Product wise reports- this report will record the movement of a particular product or a specific product group, that had either entered or exited the campus during a fixed period. this report can be generated on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.
  • Supplier wise products- this report would record the number of times a particular supplier has provided the products to your business. With the help of SAP integration, and product management, every time an inwards weighment transaction is made, the source of the material is recorded. This allows WeighMAST to develop reports of how many times a particular supplier has provided goods to the business.
  • Date range reporting- the report presents the number of weighment transactions done by the business between a fixed period.
  • Vehicle wise reports- businesses need to be aware of which vehicles are passing through its campus, which vehicles are moving inwards, and which are moving outwards. At the time of the weighment, the system records the number plate data and the data of the truck driver, which is used to generate this report. It allows the company to know which vehicles have come in on which dates, and how many times each vehicle has entered or exited the premises. This level of detail would prove extremely useful when theft or any form of malpractices are detected.

Cloud Based Reports

Trend analysis of any variable such as truck, material, supplier, specific dates can be accessed from anywhere, using any device, as it is present on the cloud. Here we are highlighting one of our many different cloud-based reports

  • Vehicle –wise Trend analysis- for trend analysis of the truck will show the trends of the tare weight of a specific truck and compare it with gross weight, this can help in detecting any anomalies.

Enhance processes through predictive maintenance

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Do you want to know if your tank-weighing performance was deviating, before it starts to cost you money? Big data processing through cloud, allows for predictive algorithms to help figure potential errors. This helps provide improvements across all production areas, and helps identify gaps in the processes. Digitalization allows the key decisionmakers to access live process data at their fingertips.





Food manufacturing



Weighing Process
With ERP Systems

Weighing – Most accurate inventory control methods requires
better realtime visibility and process integration

Problem with Standalone
Weighing Systems

Non-integrated weighing systems with ERP are counter productive for
enterprises and requires digital transformation

Time consuming

CSV export/import and manual excel reporting requires time & efforts and is does not give realtime visibility

Vulnerable to Human Error

Typing error, readibility error, wrong vehicle number or weighment data requires reconciliation

Material Loss

Wrong entry of weighment can lead to material loss

Weighbridge Software Features

WeighMAST on Cloud

Consolidate all your weighbridge data, across various sites and locations, on one single Cloud server. View extensive cloud-based reports and trend analysis, fit for your business KPIs.

Easy to use Interface

You don't need an expert to operate a WeighMAST interface. It is so easy to use that it can be operated by a truck driver also.


Better surveillance of the operations through cloud-based reporting, classified into master reports, audit reports & transaction reports.

Completely Scalable

WeighMAST is completely scalable depending on the size of the firm and the nature of weighing requirements.


Role-based access control to protect the most valuable asset of today’s age- data. With, an added option to configure roles according to need.

Managing Transactions

Managing transactions from active transactions, completed transactions & void transactions.

Multi-Level Management

WeighMAST software for truck weighbridge offers versatility to manage products, measure units (in Kgs, Tons, Lbs), and manage gate and vehicle-related operations.


Can integrate with ERP/SAP and multiple weighment bridges and gives render centralized reports.


A software that is adaptable to different platforms and can be upgraded anytime without much trouble.

Customizable Receipts

Can issue receipts that can be customized to include pre-built logos, text, footnotes, and more.