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Lab Automation System

Give your laboratory operations the Edge of Automation

LabMAST functions as an extension of your team, automating processes and tracking all of the critical sample information, data, workflows, and QA/QC results generated by your lab each day. LabMAST has progressed from a sample-based tracking system to the lab’s digital backbone. It can also be defined as a tool for managing efficiency and costs. A LIMS does more than simply keep track of your samples, scientific data, and outcomes. It enables you to actively manage your complete lab process, from instrument upkeep and samples to personnel and processes.
LIMS aid in the management of enormous volumes of lab data and the adherence to tight standards, while also boosting efficiency and turnaround times, enabling automation, and more. Our LIMS software modules are flexible enough to be employed in a wide range of laboratories, both in size and application.


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What are the USPs of
LabMAST Solution (Lab Automation System)?


What are the key features
of LabMAST?


What are the key features
of LabMAST?


What are the advantages of implementing
LabMAST in your Laboratory?

Implementing any system in a live environment is a challenge, but with LabMAST, you will be able to;
  • Easily integrate your lab’s instruments and systems.
  • Increase your laboratory’s capacity and profitability.
  • Increase reliability by lowering the possibility of errors happening.
  • Real-time reporting enabling faster, smarter, more informed decisions, whilst also increasing efficiency by improving processes and data management.
  • access information where and when you need it, on-premises or in the cloud
  • Ensure that all operations and tasks are conducted by following regulatory requirements and current best practices.
  • Automatic audit recording and revision control improve data integrity.


Want to know more about LabMAST?

LabMAST is a desktop software, with cloud-based reporting solutions.
LabMAST has complete user management for multiple unique user roles, to ensure the data safety and discretion.
It can be integrated with existing ERP Systems, at your plant.
LabMAST can be directly synced with any laboratory machine to get the machine data.
LabMAST Dashboard can be custom designed for your user, accessible directly on cloud.

Articles & blog posts
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Articles & blog posts
with useful information