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Unmanned Weighbridge Software

Bringing Innovation to  Industrial Weighing
Automate your complete weighing processes for seamless operations, transparency, and precision.
How we work

What challenges are created by
traditional weighment operations?


Why should you invest in
Weighbridge Automation?

human depency

Reduce human dependency

Automated weighbridge operations eliminate the need for human intervention.
smoother operation

Smoother and faster operations

Eliminating manpower dependencies from weighbridge operations streamlines the operations.

Safer weighment processes

Chances of human tampering and discrepancies are eliminated.
all manpower

Eliminate manpower related costs

Save resources and costs from eliminating manpower requirements.

Simplified reporting

Auto-generated emails and workflow allows for simplified system process.

Aligns with Industry 4.0 objectives

Automation and man-less operations are a step in the right direction for implementing Industry 4.0 with ease

Integration with ERP

Implement centralized synchronization and workflows by integrating with existing ERP, Accounting, CRM, and HRMS systems. Successful use cases with SAP, Oracle, Odoo, Tally, and more.
Endel Digital

Sync with Cloud

Gain access to data across all sites with real-time cloud reporting. Design your custom birds-eye view dashboard to map and track all KPIs and make informed business decisions.
Phase 1


This is a fail-safe method to ensure that only authorized trucks are entering the premises.
Phase 2


Mispositioned trucks do not give accurate weighment, unmanned system utilizes position sensors to ensure that the positioning is accurate.
Phase 3


After stable weight is achieved, the CCTV Camera is used to capture images and store the same.
Phase 4


After the weighment cycle is complete, all of the transaction data is pushed to the cloud server, or the ERP System for real-time reporting.
control panel

Control Panel

RFID Reader ANPR Camera

RFID Reader /
ANPR Camera

position center

Position Sensors

IP Camera

IP Camera




Traffic Lights


Jumbo Display

Unmanned Weighing System



Want to know more about Unmanned Weighbridge System ?

Yes, there is a fail-safe switch to convert the automated weighbridge into a manual weighbridge, in the case of emergencies.
Unmanned system can be synced with gate management systems, vehicle, and visitor management systems, HRMS Systems, SAP, Tally, Oracle and more.
Yes, WeighMAST Unmanned operations can be integrated with multiple weighbridges across any geographical location
Yes, Unmanned weighbridge data can be pushed to WeighMAST Cloud-reporting for real-time view of data, from any location.
Yes, existing hardware from your site can be used to automate the weighbridge.
Each Unmanned system includes 1-year of free remote support, after which AMC can be taken.