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How can Endel Digital transform your
RMC operations
with Dispatch Management System?


Desktop application where vendor is immediately notified of the orders issued to him, where he can enter the information for the supply of the material, and assign the supply to the driver on duty.


Driver reaches the plant site, and the vendor and material officer are notified of the same. the material officer gets the information of the complete order against which the material Is dispatched


Material officer enters all the quality check validations into the mobile application, as per the quality parameters predefined for that product, the application will suggest approval or rejection. After the material officer validates the material, the driver is allowed to enter the weighbridge area.


Truck is assigned an RFID tag, which allows the truck driver to enter the weighbridge area, where he can capture both the gross weight and tare weight from the mobile application itself.


Every type of product and material has a pre-set moisture and wastage percentage deduction, which the system automatically calculates.


As soon as the transaction is completed, the data is pushed in real-time to the ERP System and the GRN for the material is automatically generated. the respective documents are shared to the relevant stakeholders.


Real-time data is visible on the cloud-based reporting portal, for a birds eye view on all ongoing transactions. The dashboard shows clear data visualization of all the sites, vendors, suppliers, and products.