Can You Trust Us? Well, Yes!

Because we offer

Crystal Clear Pricing of Weighbridge Machine Software

Crystal Clear Pricing Options

You can choose the best among our range of pricing plans depending on your requirements.

Truck Weighbridge Software

Quick & Responsive service

We offer a weighbridge software that is easy and fast to install. Plus, a team that is always available for technical support & maintenance

Online Transfer Weighing Software

Sorting Transactions management

You can manage transactions effectively as into active, completed, and void.

Best Weighbridge Software

A Strong team

We are a troop of diligent and dedicated souls working together to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction. Our team is committed to help you switch over your business from conventional to digital with high-tech skills and vision.

Automated Weighbridge System Software


Making the process acrobatic and still economical is our caliber. We give life to your proceedings removing the reliance on manpower.

Digital Weighbridge Software


Simplifying your complexities with mind-bending technologies. A durable, deep-routed, and budget-friendly technology-driven quick fix to all your minor to major headaches.

Experience to Solve the Problems Weighbridge Management System Software


We are versatile, having worked with different industries backed with experience to solve the problems encountered in the weighing industry better.

Trustworthy Weighbridge Management Software


With a strong, experienced, and skilled team backing us, we have gained trust from our associated stakeholders over time, working together to provide the best technology possible.

Enabling high-tech excellence

We save your money and secure your data through tremendous technologies.

Weighing Software, Industrial Management Software, Unmanned System for ERP/SAP

Perks of WeighMAST

Digital Weighbridges and Online Weighbridge Software


Digital weighbridges and online weighbridge software have the capacity to store and configure any data automatically ensuring transparency in transactions.

Weighbridge Management System

Builds Trust

The weighbridge design removes any possibility of fraud, therby builds trust among customers.

Weighing Software Increases the Speed of Completing Weighing Tasks

Hastens Operations

Weighbridge calibration procedure increases the speed of completing weighing tasks and automatically allows you to connect with more clients and be more productive and profitable.

Environment Friendly Weighing Bridge Software

Environment friendly

You can adopt the Go-green approach with a weighing bridge software that can directly generate weighment slip and send it via email eliminating the use of papers.

Weighbridge Management Software
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You are not paying, but investing!

Because in return, you can get-

  • High productivity
  • Time-saving
  • Safe loading and unloading
  • Freedom from the danger of theft removed
  • Accuracy in records
  • A decrease in overheads cost
  • Earn the most valuable asset, ‘Trust’

Endel Digital – Fostering Innovation in Industrial Software Solutions

While innovations have been taking a leap in the industry, Endel Digital stands strong among the leading providers of complete weighing software solutions, lab management software, and industrial ERP Solutions which caters to the exact needs of the industries.

Our incredible portfolio encompasses of weighbridge system software, ORECS ERP software for construction, machine rental, vehicle rental, and CRM Management. We also deliver laboratory management software to enhance productive lab functioning. Our highly expert professionals with a deep understanding of the industrial requirements and profound knowledge to deliver the perfect solutions help us to elevate our standard.

With years of experience, we understand the importance of transparency with our clients and upholding their trust in our services. The rapid development of the world has always guided us to surge with the rising demand for agile and dynamic software solutions that cater to the exact problems that the industries face.

We believe in delivering services that contribute to increasing work productivity and benefiting our esteemed clients. We aim to be a one-stop solution for fulfilling the transformational requirements that are customized, scalable and specially developed to help our clients foster productivity and enhanced operations, and in turn grow their organization.

Our core ethos is to build our organization as a symbol of reliability and credibility to bring out the most innovative solutions.