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Give your Gate Operations the Edge of Automation with Gate Management System

Gate Management Systems

We have made your gate operations more secure!

Endel Digital has designed an automated and smart gate management system to streamline the process of managing and monitoring your vehicle and visitor gate logs and all related equipment. 

The user-friendly and innovative architecture of our gate management system helps the administrators control the visitors’ and vehicle database with ease. Visitor tracking, vehicle logs, mapping approval workflows, and maintaining operational effectiveness and efficiency is crucial to ensure that your premises are secure.
Gate Management Systems

Visitor Management

Gate Management Systems

Vehicle Management

Gate Management Systems

Approval Workflows

Gate Management Systems

Real-time Alerts and Notifications


Key features of Endel Digital Vehicle and
Visitor Gate Management system

Gate Management Systems

Access Control

Manage the access of all visitors and vehicles coming in and out of the premises, depending on the purpose of their visit. Track all of their details and documents using our cloud-based interface.
Gate Management Systems

Visitor Management and approval workflow

Manage your visitors and their operations effectively, verify and validate every visitor with the responsible department head, before allowing them in the premises. This ensures that only authorized visitors can enter your premises, making it more secure and efficient.
Gate Management Systems

Real-Time Monitoring

Cloud-based system gives real-time alerts and notifications for any type of overstay or violation. This feature provides additional security by ensuring that all of the visitors and vehicles entries and exits are tracked by the system.
Gate Management Systems

Integration with Other Security Systems

Gate management systems can integrate with other security systems such as ANPR Cameras, CCTV cameras, biometric systems, alarms, and more. This provides a comprehensive security solution that can detect and prevent security breaches.
Gate Management Systems

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) is a feature that uses cameras to capture the license plate numbers of vehicles entering and exiting the premises. This provides an additional layer of security by identifying and verifying vehicles before allowing entry.
Gate Management Systems

Mobile Access

Mobile access is a feature that allows authorized personnel to access the premises using QR Codes on their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for physical access cards or keys and allows for remotely granting or revoking access to individuals.
Gate Management Systems

How can you get ROI from secure gate operations?

  • Reduced Security Costs: Implementing a secure gate management solution can reduce the need for additional security personnel, as the system can monitor and manage access control more efficiently. This can result in significant cost savings in the long run.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: By streamlining gate operations and managing access control more effectively, a secure gate management solution can increase operational efficiency. This can result in cost savings by reducing wait times, optimizing vehicle flow, and minimizing errors.
  • Improved Compliance: Compliance with security regulations and standards is essential for businesses in various industries. A secure gate management solution can help in achieving and maintaining compliance by providing a comprehensive and centralized approach to managing access control and security.
  • Prevention of Theft and Vandalism: A secure gate management solution can help in preventing theft and vandalism by verifying the identity of individuals and vehicles entering and exiting the premises. This can result in cost savings by reducing the need for repairs or replacements of damaged property.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: A secure gate management solution can provide a more convenient and efficient way of managing access control, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction. This can lead to increased business and revenue over time.