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Bluetooth Mobile Applications for Weighing

Endel Digital’s Bluetooth Mobile App for Weighing Scales utilizes Bluetooth technology to deliver a full record of weights performed on a weighing scale to your mobile phone! These files contain batch-wise / total weight records, as well as the date and time of the weight. These files can then be shared in excel/pdf/text format via email, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, and a variety of other mobile phone apps. This program can also be used as a remote real-time display and controller for weighing scales.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth Mobile Weighing?

  • Bluetooth Connectivity is used, ensuring mobility and ease of connectivity
  • Compatible with Android phones running Android 4.4 or higher.
  • Long-distance communication connectivity.
  • The user interface is user-friendly and simple
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Highly efficiency and accurate
  • Highly efficiency and accurate
  • The user can choose the required weighing
  • The user can monitor the real-time weight on the scale on the mobile screen
  • User rights can be created where the operator cannot edit the data when the entry is completed.

Some salient features of Endel Digital
Bluetooth Mobile Weighing Applications

Offline Usability

The application uses a local SQLite database to store readings from both devices, which it can then send to a server over Wi-Fi or a broadband connection. The application constantly polls for an internet connection and pushes data once a secure connection with the cloud storage is established.

User roles

Multiple unique user roles can be created, where different access rights are given. User roles such as; operator, supervisor, manager, admin, and more can be created. Each user with different rights, reports, and dashboards.

Centralised synchronization

Integrate your mobile app with existing 3rd party applications in your organization. Sync the data with your online cloud database, push the data into your SAP/Oracle/other ERP systems, and much more.

Real-time data access

In real-time, the app updates the weight estimated by the Endel Digital Bluetooth Software. So, as soon as you finish measuring using the Bluetooth application, it appears on the app.

Data Export

The application can only store so much data in its database. Pushing to the server is not always an option for warehousing and manufacturing staff. The application allows them to export the data to .CSV format for easy reference.

Logs of History

Personnel using the app can compare and reference past readings from each associated device. You can run history from the previous month, week, or for the data range in question. They can also delete and edit a listing.

The Pairing of Multiple Devices

The program may couple the mobile device with a variety of devices via various Bluetooth variations.

Applications of Bluetooth Mobile Apps for Weighing Scales

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Manufacturing

Tank Weighing

Our Bluetooth application can be used for various industrial scales and weighing systems, especially Tank weighing and batch weighing. It is frequently utilized in weight measuring and control applications in production management and process control. For complete process control and visibility, combine your industrial scale with Bluetooth connectivity and Bluetooth software.

Batch Weighing

Our batching scale is designed for food, specialized chemicals, and all batching and formulation applications. It can be used as a stand-alone terminal for single-scale, multi-scale, or flow meter applications. Within the Bluetooth software, you can separate the products according to size and weight. The Bluetooth application automatically stops when the set weight is reached.

Agriculture, Farming, and Poultry

Weighing For Produce

The crops that are grown are frequently bought and sold. The cost of the items is usually determined by the amount of crop grown. Endel’s Bluetooth Software makes weighing the crop load simple. These weights are measured using the Bluetooth scale, which gives crucial data for pricing determination. Our Bluetooth application enables farmers to collect and save data, with ease.

Feed Ingredient Management

Farmers who raise livestock rely on their animals. They work hard to ensure the health of the species involved. To do this, the appropriate amount of feed for each animal must be delivered. Weighing the feed is a sure-fire technique to keep the amount of food consistent from day to day. With the use of our weighing scales with Bluetooth connectivity, farmers can feed their livestock accurately. Our Bluetooth mobile application for weighing scales provides smart and precision agriculture.

Waste and Scrap Collection

Complete Waste Management

The garbage and recycling business necessitates heavy-duty weighing equipment and scales designed to withstand extended periods of service and severe environments. The existing waste collection system involves daily or weekly garbage truck rounds and need reliable weighing scales. Some waste and scrap is valuable and theft or malpractices are prevalent. Bluetooth Weighing Software, with automated weighment entries ensures that no data is being tampered with, weight data once entered, cannot be edited. We can also track the user’s location when making the weighment entry.