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Why Unmanned Weighbridge System is a Good Choice?

Unmanned weighbridges are a good alternative to the traditional weighbridges because they do not require the driver to remain sitting in a stationary position while the vehicle is being weighed. The traditional weighbridge requires that the driver remains in the vehicle to monitor the vehicle’s progress as it is being weighed. The main benefit of using this weighbridge is that it enables the driver to work on his vehicle unattended.

Working of Unmanned Weighbridge System

The unmanned weighbridge software works by gathering and storing vehicle and rider data. This information is then transferred to the unmanned weighbridge system for easy access. However, with the latest systems, the drivers don’t have to leave their own vehicle during the procedure.

The main component of the weighing platform is the base pit which is a rectangular box made of stainless steel that holds the trucks and other items. The weighbridge system software is programmed to record or to fail a load cell if the weight falls below the predetermined limit. Manually unattended intelligent weighbridge system software for Trucks and other heavy vehicles is designed to save time and money. You can monitor the amount of product or material that is being loaded and unloaded in real-time.

Unmanned Weighing Solution

Notable Features of Weighing Software

Our weighbridge weighing software has a simple system of usage and an easy navigation interface. We also provide online technical support at any time of the day. We have experts who will help you with any questions related to usage, installation, or maintenance. Our weighing software is professional and unique and you will definitely get the best outcomes once you install these on your weighing site. Weighbridge weighing system is best for quick online measurement solutions, which are time-saving, cost-effective, secure, and easy to use. Weighbridge software has some special features like photo capturing, online tracking, site management, vehicle information, and many more.

Unmanned weighbridge software is suitable for use on all types of weighing sites of different sectors like courier services, mining, manufacturing, transport, and more. The system has a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use. The main advantage of using weighbridge software is its easy and intuitive usage. The images displayed on the system are directly imported from the digital camera installed at the weighbridge site. This gives a live measurement of the weighing site for easy monitoring and handling of the whole ongoing process.

Moreover, this is one of the easiest and most accurate weighbridge software you can ever find in the market. This weighing software system also offers many innovative features which are not found in any other weighbridge software. The best thing about this is that you do not have to worry about carrying paper and ink, which makes it an excellent choice in today’s world.

Where to Purchase the Weighbridge Weighing Software?

Endel Digital Weighbridge System Software provides the latest and easy solutions to small, medium as well as big weighbridge companies across the world. Endel Digital offers weighing solutions for all your needs. We ensure that our Weighbridge software will satisfy all your requirements. We are committed to delivering you the best quality solutions that will enhance the capability and efficiency of your weighbridge site.