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Why choose Endel Digital Weighbridge Automation

Introduction on Weighbridge software– A weighbridge software is specifically designed to address the need for weighing accuracy, visibility, and traceability of business. Endel Digital Solutions is a leader in innovative solutions and provides software development with the best-in-class weighbridge software. What makes Endel Digital Weighbridge software stand out is the efficacy and timely delivery in the most accurate manner. Being a professional and expert in the field for years, our digital weighbridge software and unmanned weighbridge software ensures robust architecture and effective user management modules to simplify complex processes.

Key Benefits of using the WeighMAST – WeighMAST brought by Endel Digital Solutions has the industry’s best standard procedures incorporated along with easy implementation, a secure platform, and multi-level access with high visibility.

User Management– The weighbridge system software provides a transactional scale with the flexibility to configure units in kg, ton, and lbs. The role-based access system provides complete security as unauthorized parties do not have access to valuable digital assets. The lucrative user interface is easy to be used and can customize themes as per company branding.

Vehicle and Driver Management with efficiency– All vehicle and driver data can be stored in the software for future use, and to ensure security, Additionally, our unmanned weighing software automates the complete process, so no time is wasted in unnecessary communication between the truck driver and operator.

Comprehensive and economical– The all-inclusive weighbridge data management system can fully integrate itself with any equipment that improves the safety on the operation site and get the data captured and stored for future use. Additionally, since there is a minimum cost of installation and power consumption also reduces, it becomes very affordable for businesses.

Speedier supply management– The automation of the weighbridge also indicates the process of drivers and vehicles passing through becomes more streamlined and there is a quick turnaround of deliveries. The partners who associate can channelize their efforts and costs towards more profitable activities.

The functionalities provided by WeighMAST of Endel Digital Solutions can be customized offering phenomenal methods to collect and organize weighing information. Few worth mentioning are-
  • Unique Receipt Design- WeighMAST has an inbuilt receipt designing software with options for a footnote, predefined logos, and go-green options that make it environmentally friendly too.
  • Driver Operated Terminals- The easy driver interface in the unmanned weighbridge can be voice-activated making the whole process simpler without expert knowledge and can transact limitless information on aspects like the driver, supplier, weight, and product.
  • Security with detailed reports- The best weighbridge software has the flexibility to void any transaction and produce master, audit, and transaction reports with accuracy.The integration with ERP systems developed by top unmanned weighbridge software developers provides centralized web reporting to avoid any error or manipulation. Besides, the plug-in software can be upgraded at any time and connected with any weighbridge.

Due to the presence of basic functionalities present in WeighMAST the prevention of theft becomes easy. To learn more, visit to understand how to prevent theft of materials.

Our weighing management software is especially designed to fulfill the industrial needs of by implementing complete automation. The weighing management software helps to increase the speed of processing resulting in more productive and profitable outcomes. Our weighing software is simple and easy-to-use with cloud-based license management.

With all the elements of weighbridge delivered with excellence and joined up seamlessly, Endel caters to improving the security, efficiency, and quickness of the processes and we committedly deliver all aspects of weighbridge management and automation in the most personalized and budget-friendly manner. We could be your one-stop solution for unmanned weighbridge management needs regardless of the industry you operate in.

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