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What are The Best Weighbridge Software Providers in India?

Weighbridge software, or Truck weighing software, is a critical component for businesses across numerous industrial verticals in India, ensuring the efficient management of material movement, finished goods, raw materials, and more. Weighbridge software helps ensure the accurate weighing of goods, maintain accurate records, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. With numerous options available in the Indian market, it is essential to identify which software provider fits your requirements. In this blog, we explore the top weighbridge software providers in the country and highlight their unique selling points, as well as the points to keep in mind before choosing your software providers.


Who should buy ProX1-IWBMS? Business units who are starting their automation journey, with minimal need for customization or workflow automation. Easy to learn and adopt by the operators.
Notable USPs of weighbridge software
  • Multiple users can access the software.
  • Pre-designed reports
  • SMS and Mail notification systems can be implemented.
  • Historical data migration


Who should buy SmartWeigh?
SmartWeigh is fit for small to medium sized enterprises who can adopt an one-size-fits-all approach. SmartWeigh provides options for hardware integration as well, making it a suitable option for enterprises who require non-customized solutions.
Notable USPs of weighbridge software
  • Option to integrate cameras, RFID readers
  • Allows for inventory and stock management in the software itself
  • On-premises installation
  • One-time license fee
Use of Blockchain in Weighbridge software

AWS Weighbridge Software

Who should buy AWS Weighbridge Software?
AWS Software is designed for public weighbridges and toll plazas, allowing for transaction management as well.
Notable USPs of weighbridge software
  • Allows for payment gateways using POS systems, Credit cards, etc.
  • Enables for accounting software integrations
  • Allows for touch screen operations for simple user interface
  • Customised reports, dockets and receipt design.

Avery Weightronix Software

Who should buy Avery Weightronix Software?
Avery is a weighing scale and systems providers, offering software for all types of weighing scales and weighbridges. Their solutions are fit for large enterprises, who are able to implement a brand-new hardware and software solution.
Notable USPs of weighbridge software
  • Sophisticated GUI
  • Maintain efficient management and documentation of weight data
  • Integrate with their entire suite of products

WeighMAST: Endel Digital Solutions

Who should buy WeighMAST?
WeighMAST is a system-agnostic software solution, integrating with any existing weighbridge indicator. It is fit for all types of industries, due to the flexible workflow and customizable GUI. An easily scalable software ensures that organizations of all sizes can implement the software, with ease.
Notable USPs of weighbridge software
  • Cloud reporting solution
  • ERP Integration for real-time data communication
  • Customizable workflow
  • Scale up to integrate with any hardware to turn the weighbridge into an unmanned or semi-unmanned weighbridge.
  • Scale up operations by integrating multiple weighbridges for ease of operations
  • Roster of complementary industrial software solutions
  • 24/7 remote support

How do I know which software provider is right for me?

With the ever-expanding demand of weighing and systems automation, there are numerous providers in the market who provide solutions. A wide range of options makes it difficult for organizations and individuals to choose, thus it is important to keep in mind the following points;
  • Nature of the industry and the requirements of the company
  • Software compatibility with existing weighbridge systems
  • Software compatibility with new hardware devices (cameras, position sensors, RFID readers, ANPR cameras, and more)
  • Accommodation to integrate with other software systems (ERP System, Inventory software, Warehouse management systems, etc.)
  • 24/7 round-the-clock remote support


There are numerous software providers with their own unique USPs. The ideal solution provider should fulfil the must-have requirements of your organization and the respective stakeholders. Thus, reviewing the all-rounding service and solution is very important to ensure the timely utilization of time, cost, and resources.