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How To Make Your Weighing Software Fit For Your Mining Operations

Securing Efficiency in the Mining Market Value Chain

One of the most powerful aspects of automated software is its ability to be configured to the unique requirements of the industry. The weighbridge automation software for the mining industry by Endel Digital is the perfect solution configured to mirror the business processes in a way to seamlessly integrate them and operating the procedures in a customized way. The mining industry has a structured value chain system and a crucial step is to manage the inbound and outbound logistics and warehousing and the other value chains involved in the end-to-end processes. Optimizing small steps is the key in weighbridge mining and achieving the KPI. Battling out the current bottlenecks and impacting the current scenario by controlling the inevitable volatility can be done with the help of software that enhances the operation from the mine to the market and boosting profitability.

This solution offers the key benefits and standardized tools of –

  • A well-defined integration with the mining execution systems along with ease of data capture. The WeighMAST for mining blends well with the ERP software of the company so that all truck registration numbers can be cross-checked with the reference points.
  • A proper reconciliation between the mine and the client and a thorough analysis of the supply chain. There is a mechanism to deploy varied high reliability and super performance sensors through the mode of red and green colour traffic signals. The Live Camera Feeds can validate the truck along with its position and does not let the vehicle budge until the accurate and real-time weight has been recorded. A virtual photograph captured by the unmanned weighing software embodies the invoicing system which is very important for audit and review purposes.
  • An open order balance verification to ensure that the deliveries and quantities dispatched from the mine are within the ordered limits. The speed in this complete weighing solution software is so advanced that it can track up to fifty weighment transactions per minute.
  • Issuance of the site access permits along with a regulated stockpile allocation and location parameters. The scalability parameter makes it very versatile and the integration with the vendor can fetch different product categories and set rates for different sizing of the mined material. This well cooperates to the ensuring that right products are brought forth in an organization.
  • Automation of the truck movements and accurate product loading within the site. The various weighbridges across premises can be connected and coordinated with each other effortlessly.
  • The ability to weigh and capture a reference weight per vehicle enables a shipment to have a one-weigh tracking mechanism that supports the value chain system and each stage in the mining sector is interdependent and starting from extraction to shipping everything can be tracked by the WeighMAST.
Automated Weighbridge Mining Software

Real-Time Transactional Reporting– The Cloud-Based reports have the advantages of real-time reporting and enable-

Product Wise Reports– Frequency wise reports can record the movement of materials to and fro on a weekly monthly or quarterly basis so that they can be well segregated to understand the profit and cost centers.

Vehicle Wise Reports– Any Vehicle Entry that passes the property along with its truck registration licenses and number helps to know the exact time and date. The number plate recording can avoid any theft, manipulation, or malpractice at the time of weighment.

Data Range Reporting– A quantitative analysis like the number of weighted transactions can optimize output and efficiency. Gearing up in the right direction with the help of weight management software for mining can effectively upscale and develop businesses.

Supplier Wise ProductsThe SAP integration in Weighbridge software for mining helps record the source of the material and how many times the supplier or the vendor has provided the inventory. WeighMAST develops reports on this basis which can be accessed from anywhere and any device provided the privacy rights are given to the stakeholder.

Anomalies detected– The trend analysis with all its variables shows the gross weight and weighs it against its normal capacity which can well detect any anomalies.

Impact beyond Operational excellence– The current Pandemic can pose a big challenge to the supply chains and digital technologies have played a major role in minimizing the risk exposure of individual mining chains across different geographical locations.  The automated weighing software for mining solutions provided by Endel Digital Solutions can build a sustainable business model and create an impactful ecosystem. Mining Companies often face up and down cycles and to strengthen and expand their market position a value-maximizing proposition and strategy is well laid down by automated weighbridge mining software. They create transparency along the value chain to drive clarity to operations, logistics, sales, and other cost levers.

Weighing Solutions for Mining Industries