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Weighbridge Software with Camera is an essential tool for any weighing operation. It gives you full control over scale functions and stores an accurate record of weighing transactions. It also has advanced options such as image capture and invoicing. It is easy to use, has intuitive graphics, and can generate GST invoices. Weighbridge Software with Camera comes with CCTV software. The images taken by the cameras will be attached to each transaction for verification and customer queries.

Weighbridge Software with Camera features an integrated camera that can capture images of the vehicles. The images are synced to the gatehouse PC and stored at weigh storage and transaction completion. They can be used for dispute resolution and verification of transactional data. Weighbridge Software includes camera functionality. The camera will take pictures of the vehicle from multiple angles. It will then store the image with the transaction data. It is a powerful tool for weighing vehicles in complex environments.

The Weighbridge Software with Camera has anti-theft protection features. The camera will automatically capture images of vehicles at weighment time. It will store these images with the transaction data, allowing the weighbridge owner to easily view a report of unweighed vehicles. The camera can be connected to any type of indicator, including driver signature pad, and the weighbridge will automatically capture the images for each transaction. If you’re interested in purchasing a Weighbridge Software with Camera, contact the Endel Digital Team today.

Endel Digital Weighbridge Software has a user interface and supports all kinds of weight indicators. It supports TCP/IP protocol and can also receive a weight signal from a PC or PLC. The software is highly configurable. It can also work with external relay modules. It can also be configured as a fully automatic unmanned weighing system.

Weighbridge Software with Camera can be integrated with CCTV cameras. A camera can be used to capture images of vehicles. It can also take pictures of loaded goods on a vehicle. The system can also take pictures of the driver’s face. In this way, the Weighbridge Software with Camera has a high degree of security. It is ideal for weighbridges in large warehouses or other industrial facilities. It will allow you to manage transactions and ensure the safety of your employees.

For even more security, integrate a CCTV camera with Weighbridge Software. These cameras will automatically capture images of vehicles at weighment time. It will also store images with transaction data. The system also captures the vehicle’s position, the loaded goods, and the weight. The system will also store pictures of the goods. The software will store the images with the transaction data. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate.

A Weighbridge software with camera is an essential piece of equipment in any industrial setting. It can be used with any type of weighbridge. The software also supports different types of reports and exports. The data is also protected with audit logs. Weighbridge software with camera can record images and weight. The camera can be installed in both the front and back doors.

A camera-equipped weighbridge software can be an effective tool for weighing trucks and cars. Many weighing machines now incorporate this technology to improve accuracy and reduce costs. It is easy to integrate with any other software and hardware. Adding a camera to your Weighbridge Software with Camera will make your process more accurate and reliable. There are many advantages to using a camera in this way. You can even capture images of vehicles during the weighment.

You can integrate a CCTV camera with Weighbridge Software. These cameras can capture the position of the vehicle, load, and more. They will automatically take the image of the vehicle in the weighment and store it along with the transaction data. These cameras can also be used in the case of disputes. If you are considering integrating a camera with Weighbridge, you should consider the facilities and features of the software. The benefits of installing the CCTV will help you save time and money.