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Visualize Future With Unmanned Weighbridge System

Automation is becoming the most important need of all industries. Every sector is introducing automation to reduce the manpower required on sites. An unmanned weighbridge system is a step towards automation on weighbridge sites.

This system can deal with traffic for 24 hours. This system smoothly runs the weighbridge without an operator, thus it reduces the cost of operation. Drivers are not required to leave the truck or any other vehicle they are driving, during the whole weighing process. This improves efficiency and saves a lot of time.

Unattended Weighbridge Automation Unmanned Weighbridge System

Notable Attributes of an Unmanned Weighing System


An unmanned weighing system reduces the labour and operator cost required on a weighbridge site. Thus an operator is not required at all times on the site, this labour cost can be applied elsewhere for the development of your weighbridge, and also the staff could be used for doing other works on your site for more efficiency and speed.

Increased Speed

With an automated system, speed also increases, as manual handling of the system is not required and as the driver is not required to come down of their vehicle, it saves their time, and they can work efficiently without any worries about the availability of operators and continue to move forward with their journey.

Safety and Hygiene

Due to an unmanned system, the possibility of physical touch is eliminated, thus in case of a pandemic or any other situation the persons on-site and the driver, driving the vehicle need not come in contact with each other, thus maintain the safety of both sides. This also improves the safety of all the staff, and drivers coming from a different location and save them from any unnecessary trouble.


The automated weighbridge system is highly accurate. Any kind of human error is eliminated from the site as these automated systems keep track of all vehicles coming and going out of the site. These sites calculate the accurate weight and print them precisely to avoid any errors and confusion.

Prevention of Theft

These systems can also prevent theft of goods and any malpractice involved on these sites, as they give full visuals and keep a record of everything that is going on the weighbridge site.

They capture everything from loading of goods to its unloading, thus avoiding any kind of dispute that may arise between sender and receiver of good, as this system provides visual proofs of things going on the site thus eliminating any unnecessary problems.

Notable Attributes of an unmanned weighing system

These Are A Few of The Many Profits Provided By Unmanned Weighing Systems – A Few Other Key Features Are As Follows.

  • Available 24 hours a day.
  • The flow of traffic is maintained.
  • Weighbridge sites can be monitored remotely, and data is stored on a cloud.
  • Identification of driver and vehicle with number plate recognition.
  • Visualization from a security camera and boom barriers for control.
  • More than one weighbridge can be maintained by a single system.
  • Self-Serve kiosk and better management of receipts regarding material and vehicle.
  • This system can capture all information related to the weighbridge site including, loading and unloading points, parking, gates, etc.
  • It removes any probability of wrong or double entries that may compromise with reliability and accuracy of the site.

All these features make the unmanned weighbridge system the first choice for all future weighbridge sites. As these features are indispensable to any industry, many industries are employing these systems on their premises for better efficiency, security, and accuracy. Different industries where these systems can be applied are, courier companies, transportation and logistics, food and beverage, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical, chemicals, oil and gas, ports, landfills, cement and steel, and many more.