How Does A Weighbridge Work Without Manpower

The entire unmanned system runs based on automation. The functions that are operated by a man are executed automatically through the system features offered by weighbridge. The step by step process is as below:


Phase One

  • Authorization: RFID/UHF card reader authorizes the vehicle
  • Opening Barricade: Barricade automatically opens after authorization
Unmanned weighbridge

Phase Two

  • Sending a Signal: As soon as the truck reaches the center of the weighbridge, the position sensor sends a signal for measuring weighment.
  • Capturing Weighment: Weighbridge load cells capture weighment after getting the signal.
  • Truck Identification: IP camera sends the truck image to the weighbridge software.
  • Weighment Information: A jumbo display shows weighment information to the truck driver.
  • Weighing Information Processing: The indicator at the control room processes the information and sends it to the weighing software.

Phase Three

  • Unloading the Vehicle: Again, the jumbo display presents the weighment information to a truck driver on returning.

Our Deliverables

What You Can Gain from Us

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Smooth Functioning

Enhancing weighbridge functions with automation

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Well Ordered Process

Removing the possibility of missing out on any crucial step

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Increased Potential

Boosting opportunities by elevating efficiency

What You Can Gain from Us
What You Can Gain from Us

Main Components


Weighbridge System Software

Modifies the weighbridge working principle to meet your specific requirements.


RFID reader

To prevent misemployment of weighbridge functions by an unauthorized person.


Automated Weighbridge System

Automates the functionality of the weighbridge system eliminating the involvement of men.


Weighbridge Management System

Completely innovative weighbridge facilitates flexibility & higher productivity.


Weighbridge Software

To store, manage & track the data to ensure an accurate overview.


CCTV Video Surveillance

To keep an eye, especially on truck drivers and vehicles that enter & exit.


Traffic Lights

To communicate with truck drivers about when to enter or exit the weighing bridge.


Barrier Gates & Security

Manages traffic on the weighing bridge by automatically opening and closing the gate based on signals.


Digital Displays

To read the information of weighment to the truck driver.

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System Benefits

The Whys & Wherefores of Unmanned Weighing