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In UAE, the market is flooded with unmanned weighbridge suppliers. There are different types of these equipments and the suppliers are highly qualified and experienced. For any kind of weighing need, the best choice is to opt for a fully automated weighbridge system. These systems are very reliable and can ensure safe and accurate weighing. They are widely used across different industries. The advantages of these systems are that they are affordable and can be installed easily.

The Endel Digital Unmanned Weighbridge System has the latest generation of Weighing Intelligence application software. The software interface provides real-time data and live video streams from IP cameras. The system can be integrated with any ERP system and can track weighing data from several weighbridges. It is extremely easy to install and operate.

If you want to automate your weighbridge, you should consider installing an Unmanned Weighbridge System. This system uses an intelligent control system and peripheral devices to automate certain tasks. Using cameras and sensors, it can validate the truck’s position. The display system gives feedback to the driver. Boom barriers can control the access to the weighbridge. A certified vendor will provide the necessary training and technical support.