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The Right Time to Invest in a Weighbridge is Now!

With technological advancements across all industrial verticals, businesses demand enhanced efficiency and productivity. Advancements in weighing technologies has done wonders in improving the efficiency of businesses.

What is a weighbridge?

A weighbridge is a device that is utilized to measure the weight of loaded and unloaded trucks and other vehicles. It can also be used to track and manage the incoming and outgoing vehicles of the premises. Technologically advanced weighbridge software are capable of providing data of stock levels as well.

Weighbridge Software

What are the benefits of an in-house weighbridge?

Save time

Weighbridge accessories increase the effectiveness of the weighing capabilities. These accessories can allow the driver to complete the weighing process from inside the vehicle itself.

Saves cost

If there are any errors in the weighment process, it can cost the business significant losses. Moreover, overloaded vehicles experience much higher wear and tear, and can shorten the life span of the machine. Weighbridges can help avoid overloading of vehicles and maintain the health and safety of their vehicles.

Improves safety

Weighbridge gives drivers the assurance that the vehicles are fully compliant and fit for travel. Overloaded vehicles have a higher chance of accidents, and that can be harmful for both the driver as well as other road users.

Traffic management

Automated traffic management systems can be combined with the weighbridge, to get a complete control over the management of the vehicles entering and exiting the site.

License plate number recognition

Often referred to as ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) cameras, they can recognize the license plates and number plates and automatically feed the data into the weighbridge system. This simplifies the automation of the weighbridge, in which only authorized vehicles can enter. 

Fast supply chain management

An accelerated weighing process for inbound and outbound vehicles, can significantly smoothen the overall supply chain. The data is processed faster and is more reliable.


There are hefty fines and penalties for overloaded vehicles across all countries. This is an unnecessary and easily avoidable expense for businesses. Weighbridges will ensure that the vehicle complies with the law, and no vehicles are unnecessarily fined for their payload.

Advanced vehicle management

Every incoming and outgoing vehicle passes through the weighbridge, which makes it a comprehensive vehicle management system as well. Detailed analysis’ and reports can be generated and obtained from the system, to help with the business’ fleet management.

Customer protection

There are various commodities which are priced on the basis of their weight, for example- precious material like steel or coal are charged as per the weight. Inaccurate measurements of the same, can cause problems. An accurate, and well-calibrated weighbridge ensures that the right weight is being measured and shared to all the involved parties.

3rd party Software integration

Weighbridge data can also be simply integrated with other software packages such as Oracle or SAP. This reduces the additional effort required to manually enter the data into the 3rd party applications. The direct integration and data-feeding of the weighment data into SAP, Oracle, or Tally ERP can help simplify the PO/SO Management processes, accounting processes, and more.