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Unmanned Weighing: The Future of Weighing Industry

Introduction- The unmanned weighbridge system is an automated solution for weighbridges that eliminates the need for a full-time operator to monitor the weighing of trucks. It provides a comprehensive and standalone system without the need for dedicated personnel. The automated barrier system controls the traffic flow at the weighbridge identifies the vehicle plate once it drives onto the scale bridge. The unattended weighbridge automation is an intelligent solution that can integrate the processes and allow customization with a configurable workflow. It is a safe and secure system that reduces the operation cycle time while preventing any errors.

Unified Performance by Unmanned Weighbridge system

the Drivers are not required to physically leave their vehicle during the weighing process, unmanned weighbridge systems are an ideal tool to improve the business efficiency, driver turnaround time, and health as safety on site. The driver-operated consoles provide the weighbridge operator a lot of flexibility, lowering operational costs besides extending the hours of availability. An unattended weighbridge system guides the driver through the weighing process by onscreen prompts, collecting and storing vehicle along with the weight data. The systems’ user-friendly interface is well designed to manage and track all the crucial information in a simplified dashboard.

The future of tomorrow

The completely integrable manless weighbridge system comes with the features of CCTV cameras, and photo capturing indicators, and set loading limits. The automated identification feature can individually identify trucks and personnel that can eliminate any fraudulent practices and pilferage at the site. The unmanned weighbridge software eliminates the need for weighment slips by the assimilation of tools like RFID readers, traffic signals, boom barriers, and LED information displays. The advanced technology today has revolutionized the working of weighbridges helping in the thoroughput much faster and streamlining processes accurately. The technology aids in ANPC( automatic number plate cameras) to provide a real-time digital record for every vehicle entering and leaving the premises.

Unmanned Weighbridge Software Manless Weighbridge System

Standardization guaranteed

The process involved at an Unmanned weighbridge system guaranteed standardization and cost optimization. Real-time monitoring of the vehicle performance can accelerate the Roi with increased visibility. There is no traffic congestion and reliable automation is achieved. Greater security from deception keeps the ethics in place for any company. Uniformities in procedures lead to standardization and consistency with the help of the weighbridge automation.

The unmanned weighbridge developers design the system to use at all levels of business complexity and requirements. Customized modules can be added and eliminated as per client specifications. A hassle-free implementation with excellent web integration that allows you to stay connected 24/7 on the go. Decades of expertise helps businesses operate faster and more efficiently in better control of weighted and non-weighted movement.

Bottom line– The truly unique and unmanned weighbridge system is a smart solution to handle weighbridge operations without the need for any permanent physical operator. This robust system is a foolproof one and provides correct and auditable data. They can completely audit any incomplete or suspicious entry and with the help of this application be easily identified. Any overloading or under loading is prevented providing accuracy of weighing. The optional features may include auto weighment mode so that even the driver confirmation may not be required.  The state-of-the-art technology can well integrate with the ERP to achieve the reduction in turnaround time.