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Vehicle Rental Solutions 

Problems faced by Vehicle rental companies

  • Managing inventory
  • GPS and Fuel monitoring
  • Consistent and routine maintenance schedules
  • Manpower attendance based on machine operations
  • Billing accuracy

How does ORECS software for vehicle rental companies help you solve these problems

ORECS software for vehicle rental can accurately track the tires and their inventory along with keeping track of its remoulding and its vendor management. get the running cost of each tire based on the GPS and PO generated.

Unlike other GPS and fuel monitoring systems, ORECS vehicle renting software is integrated deeply with other functions like billing, machine maintenance, and much more.

ORECS rented vehicle application software allows for machine maintenance on the basis of the kilo-meters travelled on the vehicle. Sending alerts about services that need to be done on which machine along with the items that will be used along with the services.

You can set the manpower, attendance, salary, and other compliances on auto-pilot. you just need to register the employee and his salary, OT, and legal compliances like PF and ESIC are managed automatically by ORECS vehical rental software.

Being assured about the right billing is a mammoth task when working with multiple sites and with different machines especially when the billing patterns are different. ORECS software for vehicle rental companies creates the bills consistently based on the set of conditions fed by the user. so ORECS vehicle rental software lets you focus on tasks that matter the most.

Key features of these vehicle rental software solutions



  • Track the location of a vehicle on the map along with the current status
  • Monitor the events like fuel filling, speed, and immediate breaking
  • Unplanned stops alerts
  • Managing the running kilometers/hours of the machines

Fuel Consumption monitoring 

  • Accurately measure the consumption of fuel in real-time
  • Track the backdated history of the vehicle fuel events

Tire and Spare parts management

  • Monitor the running cost of tire
  • Manage the inventory of the tire
  • Issues and stock the items with serial number and QR code