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We have studied the machine rental industry, and fully understood and shortcomings and problems that the players of the industry face, on a regular basis. Using our knowledge and experience, combined with our team’s extensive technical expertise, we have created a module of ORECS machine rental software that is perfectly fit to solve all the major issues faced by Machine Rental companies.With its decades of experience in the Machine Rental industry, we have excelled in the process flow and user interface which can be easily used by the team on-site and office as well. Unlike any other software, ORECS software for machine rental companies is built by a team already in the field and very well know the real-life challenges, and solutions are carefully drafted to ease the pain areas.

Problems of Rental Industry

  • Getting reports regarding the working of every machine at the end of the day.
  • The communication gap in the team regarding critical status as the breakdown of a machine and again working.
  • Creating accurate billing w.r.t. Workorders across several sites and getting consolidated reports.
  • Knowing how much expense is being done on the machine in any way.
  • Full insight of all employees including attendance, OT, and expenses automatically from several input parameters.

Why ORECS is a perfect software for the machine rental business?

We highlighted some of the major issues faced by the Rental industry. Here are the solutions ORECS software for rental machines provides for you to easily manage the billing systems, and maintain the health of your machines.

Enter a log-sheet from the mobile app:-

ORECS rental machine software lets the operators or supervisors enter the log sheet from the site with a signed log sheet photo. The office only needs to verify the log sheet.

Discrepancy in manual bills:-

ORECS machine renting software lets you create the bills with just one click based on terms and conditions fed in the system via workorder. Now you will have the capability to create the bills on the 1st of every month that also without discrepancy which is a dream feature.

Out of many, which machine is generating profits and which is incurring loss:-

The most important parameter in the rental industry which decides the longevity is to be on top of data such as which rental machine is earning and where you are bleeding money. ORECS machine rental application system lets you know that in just a few steps without anyone’s dependability.

Removes the dependability:-

ORECS machine lease application enables your business to be free from dependability, with the use of its strong process flow and reliable architecture. It is someone who works for your day and night for eternity with unwavering loyalty.

Automize several other processes along with billing:-

ORECS rented machinery software is smart to capture the meter readings for kilometers travelled and hours worked from the logsheet. And on that basis, ORECS lease instruments applications will prompt you to service the machine as scheduled along with what spares/materials will be required to perform that and if those are available in stock or not. Not only that but if the machine is working overtime according to workorder, the same is reflected in the attendance of the operator and much more.

Monitor the outstanding on your mobile device:-

No need to go on your accounting software and get the ledger to know the outstanding of clients as well as vendors. You can do it on your ORECS rented instrument application software within seconds even when you are on call or offline.

ORECS Machine Rental Software Features

1)   Manage Machines
    1. Manage the registration and technical details, machine specifications, commercial parameters, and ownership details of each lease machine.
    2. All types of renewal management like TPI, Insurance, Stamping, AMC, Taxes, etc, and alerts via mail on a daily basis.
    3. Machine history (from registration to eternity) whatever activity is done on and by machine can be shown here like changes in machine status, services, movements of the machine, and much more.
    4. All documents regarding machines like Invoices, Permits, hypothecation documents, etc can be managed and stored in one place for ease of access.
    5. monitor the loss incurred due to machine breakdown and opportunity cost for idle equipment.
2)   Billing Details
    1. Logsheet details, reports, and daily email alerts.
    2. One-click bill generation.
    3. Client ledger including credit note, debit note, GST ledger, TDS ledger, etc.
    4. Debtors report with Time bucket functionality.
    5. 7 types of invoices can be made (rental with workorder without /with logsheet, without workorder, one time, concrete, pumping, trading)
    6. Workorder management like renewal alerts, % of workorder consumption, consolidated report, etc.
    7. 7. Automated logsheet with IOT
3)   Expense Management
    1. Project wise, Site wise, workorder wise consolidated expense report. (Know how much expense is being done of a particular machine under different generic heads)
    2. Material and spare consumption monitoring and management.
    3. Fuel-filled report.
    4. Mobile app as data collection points.
4)   Machine Maintenance
    1. Create and manage service schedules which can be done for a single service and job card. (Plays a major role in the longevity of the machine increasing profitability in long term)
    2. Define the materials, spares, consumables, etc for each service with respect to make and model. (This feature is of primal importance in forecasting the materials required in the future for scheduled services/job cards)
5)   Manpower Management
    1. Employee details with documents and renewal alerts. Setting allowances, salary, leave policy, etc in one shot. Including roles, responsibilities, and hierarchies of the team.
    2. Manpower movement and history along with allocation to machine functionality.
    3. Legal compliances like PF, ESIC, PT can be managed and respective portal-ready documents can be downloaded saving major HR time.
    4. Auto and smart attendance and OT from various levels of operation. (attendance and OT from logsheet, fingerprint machine, mobile app, etc)
    5. Generate salary and OT in one click and smooth approval process and manage the disbursement.
    6. Employee wise ledger monitoring the expenses, disbursement, allowance, etc in one place.
    7. Daily dairy with task allocation and history.
    8. Managing and training the team with the help of strong non-compliance and action taken in the module.
6)   Inventory Management
    1. Material requisition cycle with the multi-level approval system.
    2. Monitor stock along with the cost.
    3. Plugged real-life practical loopholes in material management cycles.
    4. Service PO and vendor management.
    5. Manage the inventory with serial numbers.
    6. Many other smart features help manage the inventory with extraordinary details.