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Machine Management Software Solutions


  • Preventive maintenance and service scheduling
  • Tracking Material consumption
  • Managing Minimum Stock quantity at store
  • Job cards and service track record
  • Managing various renewals

How ORECS software for machine management helps provide Solutions for these problems


With the help of ORECS machine managing software, you can set which materials will be used for which service in preventive maintenance. With this feature, you can predict the material required for preventive maintenance on the basis of several factors like distance travelled, working time, and days.

With a click of a button, you can know which materials are used for which machine and even compare the same with similar machines to investigate the anomalies. With this, you can know the cash flow for that machine.



While managing the fleet of machines, it is vital that your store has minimum stock for certain items which are of high movement to avoid the haphazard purchase of material under dis-tressed condition. ORECS equipment management application provides timely reminders to ensure that no stock ever runs low.

Whenever the machine is in our yard for maintenance or any type of maintenance is to be conducted, create a job card which is a set of services that needs to be done on the machine along with the probable materials required. This helps in managing the maintenance and service track record.



ORECS machine managing app ensures that you never miss important renewals like insurance, TPI, Tax, and many others.

Key Features of these machine management software modules  

Reverse Work Order

  • Software application to manage the rented machines
  • Monitor the working of the rented machines
  • Maintain the E-Log book for diesel issue and reconciliation
  • Highly customized and flexible work order issue options
  • Issue bills and debit notes and credit notes to Vendors

Monitor the Uptime

  • With easy-to-use screen, the machine status can be updated from the site
  • Get alerts and emails when the machine is marked as break down or reinstated
  • Get daily mails with the status updates of all the machine on the respective sites and yards

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

  • Schedule the services to be done along with the materials required for the services
  • Cross reference the required stock with the current availability of the stock and get the cost estimation of the planned maintenance
  • Never forget to service the machine and increase the longevity and ROI of the fleet