Online Business Management Application

ORECS is an online business management application developed indigenously with extensive research and experience to manage various aspects of business systematically. Endel Digital Solutions offers Industrial ERP solutions, to ensure a crystal clear operating system which can enable complete control over business operations, productivity, and expenditures. It is a simple and user-friendly software used to establish improved communication with employees, customers, suppliers, and vendorsORECS is a leading ERP management software as it is designed with a well-defined focus to tackle key industry-specific problems.

Advantages of using ORECS-

  • Accountability of resources efficiently– The net worth of assets on a real-time basis can easily be calculated with this business software and crucial while assessing an investment, utilization of investment, and goal of achievement.
  • Financial Planning and Control– ORECS does not require any bank integration and at the same time intimates the company on its financial position at each stage.
  • Versatile Technology– ORECS has the feature of storing all its data on the cloud making it accessible all over the globe just with a click, the seamless architecture of the software ensures that no data manipulation can take place, and it analyses all the data in real-time to provide in-depth reports.
  • Management of Diverse Machinery– The ORECS ERP software has various features and application including remote data collection application, GPS devices, fuel sensors, etc. which helps manage operation remotely and fully manages the expiry date of all the machinery aspects like the Insurance, RTO Tax, Driver’s License Validity, and Load Test Certificates.
Online Business Management Application

Listed below are the modules of ORECS and its usage-

ORECS Building Construction Software– This Construction Machine Management software helps manage construction projects and it is robust enough to handle complicated projects with tightly aligned deadlines. It gets easier to manage the clear accountability of the inventory consumed. Our ERP software for construction generates reports for purchase orders and gets real-time updates for received materials. Several advantages of this module are-

  • It can set a maximum cap limit for the budget of the material used at construction concerning the area.
  • It can track the movement and progress related to the construction project.
  • This ERP software for construction can monitor the inflows and outflows for strict controls and reduce chances of wastage.
  • It sets up a process for salary credits on time as well as fulfilment of compliances. Also, it can track renewals of licenses and insurance of manpower.

Another value addition is that it has a common drive called O-drive which enables every employee to have access to few data sets.

ORECS Machine RentalORECS machine rental software excels in the process flow and user interface in the office as well as offsite. It is a suite of digital solutions that effectively help companies manage and expand their machine rental business. The advantages of the module are-

  • Auto-generation of bills- Manual Bills could be discrepant and a cumbersome process. ORECS machine rental module can create bills on the 1st of every month based on the terms and conditions fed on the work order.
  • Machine movement tracking- The complete machine history can be tracked like the changes in machine status, services, and movement in the machine.
  • Profit and loss assessment- our machine rental software can aid in daily log sheets, reports, and email alerts. Also, it can monitor the loss due to machinery breakdown as well as report the machinery of top-earning while monitoring the outstanding dues of customers and vendors.

ORECS Machine Management Software– This module monitors the working of machines by maintaining an E-log book.  It is very useful in keeping complete control over the maintenance and service track record. The key advantages are-

  • It schedules preventive maintenance by cross verifying the stock with current availability and gets the cost estimation of the planned maintenance.
  • ORECS continually sends reminders to ensure that no stock runs low.
  • The machine management software sets up materials for preventive maintenance depending on many factors like distance travelled, working time, and days.
  • The service routine of the machinery is never forgotten owing to reminders which increases the longevity of the fleet.

ORECS Vehicle Rental Software– Vehicle rental companies need a thorough system to manage inventory and consistent routine maintenance schedules along with billing accuracy. The key highlights of the ORECS vehicle scale management software are –

  • ORECS can accurately track the tires and their inventory while keeping track of its remoulding and vendor management.
  • It has a deep integration system with other functions like billing, machine maintenance and can send alerts for machine maintenance based on the kilometers travelled by the vehicle.
  • This vehicle rental automated software can track the geo-location of the vehicle on a real-time basis and also monitor the consumption of fuel on a real-time basis.
  • The tire and spare parts management feature can manage the inventory and cost of tires.

ORECS CRM Software– CRM module requires visibility of the sales forecast, sales team activities, and department wise productivity. The CRM software is well versed with the actionable of product owners and gives an accurate analysis of the prospects and future leads conversion. Its functionalities include-

  • Easy-to-use screens can create an impact on sales by spending less time on data entry.
  • It has a clutter-free menu with unique rights allocation mechanism as per requirement.
  • The CRM has the capability of capturing soft parameters like the intuition of sales while approaching the closure of any lead.
  • The CRM can simplify various activities that are done by the sales team, on the inquiry like personal visits, telephone calls, presentations, product demonstrations, meetings, quotation submission, and negotiations making it a very productive module. 

ORECS in a nutshell– ORECS is an exemplary tool for any business to guide and help seamlessly for all small and large organizations. It completely scales itself with a structured flow of information and can propagate to the next level very quickly. Right from the basic operations to financial operations and call centre mechanisms it has the concrete history and report generation ability. With the global increase in mobile users, the ORECS has even evolved itself and made itself available in the android application for a ‘work on the go’ experience. Its dynamic dashboard facility and differentiating notifications have been formulated with a liquid design that gets automatically adapted to the device used. It can rightly be called the one-stop screen for all levels of management and all types of business cadre.