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ORECS Vehicle Rental Software

Vehicle rental software is a complete management system for vehicle rental entities via a secure online platform. ORECS is a perfect platform hosted on the high-performance network of Endel Digital Solutions to steer the vehicle rental business to the next level. They provide the advantage of managing the billing systems with ease and advanced technology while also maintaining the health of the vehicles rented out. With ORECs, one can discover a world of tools to manage the fleet’s availability, repair, and finances.

Benefits of ORECS for Vehicle Rental Management

Inventory Management– ORECS vehicle rental software effectively helps track the inventory and tires keeping into complete accountability of its remoulding and vendor management. It uses the global positioning system to get the running cost of each tire and far ahead from the rest of the software, it is integrated with a set of other functions like machine maintenance and billing information.

Maintenance Regimen-This is extremely efficient vehicle scale management software which can schedule the maintenance of the vehicle on basis of the kilometers the vehicle has traversed in a given period. Timely alerts about which service needs to be done on which machine or vehicle is part of this rental software.

Billing accuracy– This customized and flexible system allows for a high degree of customization and stays organized financially. Working with multiple sites and different kinds of machinery can be tough to systemize especially when the billing patterns are different. ORECs vehicle rental software simplifies this task by consistently performing the task based on the patterns fed by the users.

Manpower attendance in integrity with machinery-The vehicle scale software helps in contract automation, damages overview, and payment integration. The manpower attendance salary and other compliances can happen at the fraction of a second and in auto mode. All one needs to do is register the basic employee details and his/her legal compliance like the Provident fund and ESIC.

Fuel Monitoring– It can help track the consumption of fuel on a real-time basis and even trace backdated events of the fuel consumption. Any anomaly noticed can be investigated on a real-time basis to avoid any roadblocks.

Vehicle Scale Management Software

A few key functionalities add to the advantage ORECS can deliver with its superlative performance-

  • Geo Location feature- This feature can actively locate the present status of the vehicle on the map and all its activities. It helps to monitor events like fuel filling, unplanned stop alerts, and monitoring the running kilometres of the vehicle.
  • Tire and spare parts management- An important aspect is the maintenance of spare parts while running a vehicle rental. To avoid breakdowns, regular issues, and stock of the items in inventory along with the serial number and QR code is tracked. The running cost of the tire is also analysed. All the vendors and suppliers in the chain are fully controlled. Daily and monthly reports help in the process flow to analyse with perfection.

Synopsis-ORECS has an expert users with Endel Digital solutions which  is the easiest platform to use on-site and office as well. We help you to build the best Vehicle Rental Management software with tools, processes, and best practices to streamline the development and ensure a high-quality end product and service.

With the advanced reporting methods of ORECS, one can completely utilize the advanced reporting tools to keep track of the key performance indicators in a friendly user interface and export any data required for smooth running and tracking of business.