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Problems faced in CRM

  • Visibility of field sales team
  • Timely follow up on sales leads
  • Sales Forecast
  • Department and product-based sales visibility
  • Prioritization of opportunities

How ORECS CRM Software solves these problems


Have complete visibility of your sales team over multiple vertices like his daily activity, travelling, and future planning along with the efficiency of the sales team for closing the deals.


Enable your team to tightly follow the sales leads with the help of timely reminders on all types of action planned. The chances of closing sales highly depend on the consistent client approach and proactively understanding the future needs by analyzing the past data.


Forecast the sales in the upcoming time with the ability of ORECS CRM System to capture the soft parameters like the intuition of the sales team for the closure of the deal. Get actionable insights from a state-of-the-art dashboard designed to inflate the sales team’s efficiency.


Accurately identify which products are having high conversion rates and which are lagging. This can help to understand the gaps and strengths of the product, department as well as sales team.


Focus on what is important! Channelizing your efforts where you can have the maximum impact and traction which ORECS CRM software for sales and marketing helps you gain the same. With the dashboards and mobile app, sales team can target where they can further improve and help in achieving the sales target.

Key features of Best CRM Software by Endel Digital 

Actionable dashboards for Owner, regional heads, and product owners

  • Dashboards designed with decades of experience in the sales and marketing field
  • Ease of understanding and use is at the heart of CRM
  • Customizable tiles
  • Get an idea at the first glance about what is the current status of leads and future prospects

Easy-to-use screens

  • Employees with any designation can use the application and can create an impact on sales
  • Team spending less time in entering data spends more time in sales
  • Less system adaptation resistance

Clutter free menu rights

  • See only what matters. With its unique rights allocation mechanism, allocate the rights with respect to employee
  • Can customize the rights based on designation and groups created