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With bigger projects comes bigger challenges. There are several challenges regarding managing the materials used in building construction. Given the quantity of materials, it is very difficult to manage and have clear accountability of materials consumed. Orecs building construction software is a robust tool with decades of experience poured into it for managing inventory across multiple sites and to keep a track of materials being used at different areas of the site. Apart from that users have the ability to set the budget of materials used and can track the progress of the same.

Problems in Building Construction industry 

  • Difficulty obtaining reports from site operations
  • Issues with stock disbursement to various subcontractors
  • Maintaining records of materials being used for particular areas
  • Ensuring accurate and appropriate usage of materials
  • Managing a wide team of subcontractors and contractors

Problems solved by ORECS Construction Project Management Software

How do you get the reports of material requisitions from the site?

Solution:- with ORECS construction ERP software you can check the material requisitions with just a click along with the status of each requisition partially received, fully received, PO created, and much more Get the actual details about the requisitions, purchase, and the received materials in one place.

How do you know before disbursing the stock already with the subcontractor?

Solution:- Save more than 30% of total material with ORECS ERP software for construction you can accurately measure how much material is which contractor and where. Along with that before disbursing and what is the current stock a subcontractor can have with him.

How do you keep track of materials used in one block, floor, unit, and area?

Solution:- ORECS construction management software can show you which how much and by whom material is being used where this will help you save the wastage of materials by more than 20%.

How do you know if the materials used are more than what was planned?

Solution:- It, has been observed that the companies using a system to manage and budget the materials used with respect to block, unit and area saves almost 10% in materials being over consumed. ORECS ERP for construction is an ace at doing that for you. with small regular updates in the system. ORECS civil project managing software does all the heavy lifting of monitoring and providing you actionable information.

How do you manage the gang of subcontractors?

Solution:- Ever overwhelmed managing the gangs and subcontractors across various projects? ORECS construction managing software helps you manage the building of subcontractors w.r.t Their tasks and gang attendance.

ORECS Construction Software Features

  • Set the budget for max consumption with respect to area and material.
  • Track the progress of construction.
  • Easily monitor the material inflow and outflow.
  • Efficiently manage the vendors along with outstanding.
  • Material requisition flow to keep track of materials required vs disbursed with respect to the budget set.
  • Strong HR management for on-time salary disbursements and compliances fulfillment.

Other Value Added Functionalities with ERP Software for Construction Management  

  • State-of-the-art task management software for inflating productivity.
  • Daily diary for employees.
  • Track the renewals like license, insurance, etc of manpower.
  • O-Drive, the facility to upload common data to which everyone in the organization can have access.