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How To Automate Your Tank Weighing Processes

The need for high precision and reliable weighing modules- Tank Weighment can be helpful in present times where the user can get instant weight data of tanks on digital indicator, in the computer system on SMS or mobile devices. The tank weighing and automation solutions involve weighing in production management and process control areas for weight control. Earlier clients had to calibrate and adjust the weighing systems each time the tanks were removed which significantly increased costs and doubts about the validity of the data from the analog weighing solutions. The automated digital solutions at Endel Digital fight back these challenges and provide superior data collection for optimizing the entire process. The optimized tank weighment ensures less wastage and more productivity. Besides less time is consumed in integration, implementation, and configuration.

Advantages of a Tank Inventory Control Mechanism

The appropriate measurement technology can benefit safe material storage and detect even the smallest leak. The advantages include-

  • Maintaining accuracy and quality – Endel Digital specializes in advanced technological methods that well define less risk and complete accuracy. A real-time transactional reporting eliminates time wastage while the RS232 and Ethernet TCP/IP connection interface provide for seamless communication between all the machines and computing software.
  • Reporting on the usage of materials- The inventory measurement methods are useful in the analysis of high-value solids, liquids, and gases inside the silos and the tanks. These storage systems help in holding 1000 tons of valuable raw material and it is crucial to receive stock updates that eliminate malpractices, inefficiencies, and leakages. The tank weighing software that Endel Digital promotes allows for a provision that collects data from various manual sources, sensory equipment, and existing tank weighing systems.
  • Regular Maintenance Regime and constant reminders and alerts- Any hopper, tank, or silo requires timely maintenance and cleaning so that the hygiene of the plant is intact. Any cleaning activity means a shut-down which could impact the time and productivity scheduled. When reminders are sent to personnel concerned, while the cleansing of the tank goes on other processes can be scheduled so that there is no disruption.
  • Identifying gaps through predictive maintenance- A robust tank weighing digitalization can help bulk data processing through the cloud and its predictive algorithms. Any tank weighing performance that is deviating can be immediately identified and smooth functioning is enabled.
  • Remote Access with a consolidated and single dashboard- Visibility and Clarity of data with totally customizable software can quicken the meaningful insight and trace all the key performance indicators. Each role access can be allotted as per the management requirement which helps in thoughtful allocation of resources and utmost efficiency in the utilization of resources. Each remote area monitoring can help in the viability of the business enabling it to flourish even better.

Usage of a Tank Weighing System

A well-entailed tank weighing system monitors material that is discharged from the industrial tanks, bunkers, silos, and mixers. The simple design allows for an easy load cell replacement. Besides they are equipped to withstand temperature and weather changes.  Their applications are involved in industries like the Pharmaceuticals, food manufacturers, chemicals, FMCG’s like Oils, Moisturisers, and Shampoos, and in vast industries like Agriculture. The Tank Weighing systems can help weigh-

  • Kneaders, mixers, and stirrers
  • Bigger Storage tanks
  • Reacting and heating tanks
  • Dissolvers


The Optimised and the best tank weighing systems are superior because the weighing technology is never in contact with the material and directly and straightaway determines the mass keeping the calibration exact. The measurements take place irrespective of the tank shape or the characteristic of the material. Besides the maintenance and calibration become a simplified process and improve performance along with traceability. The tank weighbridge software by Endel is a comprehensive weighing and computing software with extensive data extraction, collection, processing, and maintenance functions.