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How Endel Digital Weighbridge Software is Unique?

Endel Digital Solutions is an innovative, accurate and reliable software solution provider with a specialization in industrial weighing software solutions. This is an enterprise-focused weighbridge management software and fits into any industry vertical where accurate weighment is crucial. As we look towards the future and the usage of technology in our daily activities, the primary goal is to make any business highly productive and efficient. Our digital weighbridge software solution can play an integral part in the business supply chain.

What makes it stand out–

  • Flexibility and customization options make WeighMAST a very convenient weighbridge software solution, as every weighment entry can be accessed by interface users and parameters can be set as per the individual user’s preferences.
  • Endel Digital Solutions is a pioneer in the automated computerized process which is designed and integrated with superior functions, allowing for hassle-free secure weight management all round the clock. Which is integrated with monitoring controls that eliminate manpower dependability, and have a complete surveillance system with the help of hardware integration, such as RFID Readers, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras, CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras.
  • Combination of technologies-There is a complete and comprehensive combination of technology solutions to synchronize weighbridge workflow centrally. With the elimination of human interaction, the process gets smoother and faster. Human interaction is entirely eliminated with the help of the hardware integration of; boom barriers, traffic lights, position sensors, various cameras, and jumbo displays.
  • Anti-theft security checks- Our digital weighbridge software restricts any kind of human error like fake weighing, double weighing of the same vehicle, or manipulation in vehicle positioning. It can help in the complete accuracy of verifying the vehicle identity and weighment data is captured with increased amounts of safety.
  • Excellence in data management- Any business profitability thrives on efficient data management and its accessibility. With the best SAP integration, the Weighbridge automation software can reduce any unnecessary documentation since the data is backed up and stored. Moreover, the software automatically generates daily, weekly, or monthly reports in terms of vehicle movement, weighment transactions, material movement, and much more.
  • Real-time management of transactions- The volumetric real-time monitoring of the weighbridge software is done through the availability of dashboards without the need for the person to physically be on-site. Each transaction can be monitored with live details, no matter where you are.
  • Role-based Access System- Security is what is the most required where data systems are concerned and this Weighbridge machine software has an added advantage to configure roles as per the security policy and the responsibility head.
  • Multi-Level Management- Businesses need a flexible solution and the weighbridge automation software is well equipped to measure units in Kg, Lbs., Tons and manage products as well as the gate and vehicle-related operations.
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With excellent features incorporated, one can ensure theft prevention at weighbridge. To read about how to prevent theft more efficiently, visit

Why one should choose WeighMAST by Endel Digital Solutions-

  • The enterprise has focused on the development of this weighing system software that provides complete transparency, accuracy, and visibility of data.
  • The skilled software team provides complete quality assurance, as the software has been launched only after beta-testing all aspects of this software. Despite that, if the organization faces any bugs or issues, our team will provide complete assistance due to the 24/7 remote support.
  • WeighMAST is a single box solution with cloud-based license management and is completely scalable. Also, it is customizable to include pre-built logos, texts, and footnotes.

Our weighing management software is especially designed to fulfill the industrial needs of by implementing complete automation. The weighing management software helps to increase the speed of processing resulting in more productive and profitable outcomes. Our weighing software is simple and easy-to-use with cloud-based license management.

Endel Digital Solutions is the leading supplier of industrial weighing software solutions and provides comprehensive solutions for an extensive range of applications. The smart solution called WeighMAST offers unrivalled system integration and data management for the weighbridge system. The powerful database abilities along with the simple easy-to-use interface are designed to provide the most secure and safe weighing with top facilities, at an affordable cost. We help enhance business operations with WeighMAST weighbridge software at Endel Digital Solutions.