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How automation treaded a new path at a leading tyre manufacturer’s testing laboratories

One of our leading clients, a household name and pioneer of the industry, manufactures over 165 million tyres in a year. Each produced tyre goes through exhaustive tests at their tyre manufacturing plant in Halol, Gujarat, before entering the supply chain. These tests are mandatory to ensure that any product entering the market is safe, secure, and surpasses the required quality. This means that the tyre testing operations are one of the key activities taking place in the manufacturing plants. It is one of the key business areas subjected to routine audits for health and safety, and all types of regulatory compliances. In order to ensure that each activity is being completed appropriately, each sample is measured accurately, and results are calculated efficiently, there was an urgent need for a digitized system in place.
‘We have been able to refine the documentation process for much quicker turnaround time. What used to take a few weeks, now just requires a few hours.’ – Sr. Manager of R&D and testing Division.

Running in circles

The organization operations run at a very large scale, thus managing all resources at the same time was proving to be a challenge. Some of the challenges experienced by the key stakeholders are;
  • With such a large scale testing facility, there are 100s of devices playing critical roles in the manufacturing and R&D processes. Preventive maintenance management and calibration is crucial to ensure that production runs smoothly
  • Unable to get real-time visibility across all the devices on the production floor, with the ability to drill down on the failed devices and calculating cost-impact
  • Ensuring accountability with vendors to provide and perform timely maintenance and calibration
  • Data management of historical records, calibration records, job cards, samples, results and more.
  • Preventing operations on the devices which aren’t appropriately maintained or calibrated.

Rolling out Industry 4.0

After detailed understanding of the client’s pain points and the elaborate operations procedure, our team was able to work on a customized solution to help cater to their needs.
  • Development of a completely customized AMC and Inventory management software that fits perfectly into the existing operational process flow
  • Direct integration with all equipments and machines to capture real-time data and sampling.
  • Prediction analysis using data mining and machine learning.
  • Utilizing open-source technology and architecture for better TCO
  • Integration with SAP System for automated Purchase Order creation to hasten spares replenishment.
  • Auto scheduling of preventive maintenance and calibration, with internal as well as external teams and vendors, with the help of prediction analysis algorithms

Traction boosting results

As soon as the implementation was completed, results were starting to show in terms of data management, turn around times, and more.
  • Very quick adoption by 40+ member team, due to the customized workflow
  • Faster turnaround time for spares replenishment, boosting overall efficiency.
  • Meticulous adherence to processes, helping with standardization, consistency, and reliable results.
  • Rapid access to historical data logs significantly reduces the time for data analysis, trend analysis, and overall decision making
  • Predictive analysis tools help with recognizing and forecasting future trends, potential issues, and performance outcomes with extreme accuracy.
Since the completion of this project, we have since expanded our solution to include other departments in the organization as well. Helping them achieve better regulatory compliance, quicker turnaround time, and better data management.