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Weighing Automation: The Future of Industrial Weighing

Are you tired of solving the mess created by your employees on your weighing bridge? Then it’s a perfect time for you to transform your weighing operations to an automated weighbridge system. Wonder how it works? No troubles, We are here to clarify the complete drill.

What is Weighbridge Automation:

Weighing automation is a process of making the weight bridge completely manless. An automated weight bridge, from entry to exit of the truck in the premises, performs all the weighing operations without the presence of a human.

How The Weighbridge is Transformed:

Wonder how a weighbridge works without an operator? Well, there are some high-tech features which take the place of an operator in your weighbridges. Here, an online weighbridge software appears into sight.

Weight bridge software provides you with the following facilities:

  • The weighbridge automation authorizes the vehicle by reading the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Card.
  • Barrier gates let the truck in after authorization by opening and closing automatically.
  • The IP camera sends truck images to the weighbridge software for identification.
  • Communication with the truck driver gets established through traffic lights, turning red to stop & green to move forward.
  • Position sensor helps the truck to acquire the correct position on the weighing bridge for catching the weighment.
  • Load cells of a digital weighbridge to capture the weighment information.
  • Weighment details are being shown to the driver by jumbo digital displays.
  • Weighment info gets processed and online weighbridge software receives it through the control room.
  • Traffic lights & displays indicate the driver to exit the truck weighbridge.

Why You Should Go For Weighbridge Automation:

It is well-grounded to choose an unmanned weighbridge system for your weighing needs. You can confirm that by recognizing the following merits.

  1. Preciseness: Weighing management becomes more precise & accurate as the inaccuracy of humans gets thoroughly eliminated.
  2. Quickness: ‘Faster movements, higher productivity.’ An automated weighbridge design accelerates the movements on the weighbridges. Thus, the time saved here enables you to utilize that time in finding new opportunities and carve yourself.
  3. Multi-tasking: Counting weighment, storing & managing data, tracking data, managing inventory, managing supply chain, all can be managed and integrated and that too with accuracy with the help of a single platform.
  4. Ensures Easiness: Weighing operations get transformed into such easy tasks that a truck driver, himself can perform all of them with the help of signals on a digital weighbridge.
  5. Integration: Almost all weighbridge software come up with a facility to connect with any SAP/ERP system to facilitate better integration.
  6. Security: Your weighment gets secured because of theft removal and the data gets secured through weighbridge software features like role-based access and configuration.
  7. Eco Friendly: Weighment bridge software keeps all the records saved and safe in the system automatically. Thus, the need of keeping data manually gets eradicated, which ultimately serves the purpose of saving the environment.
  8. Shrinks Costs: By automating the weighment bridge, the requirement of various tools and operators to handle the operations gets removed. Thereby, the compensation they demand also gets reduced. So it is economical to make your truck weighbridge an automated one.
  9. Anti-theft: Unmanned weighbridge working principle automatically facilitates anti-theft feature as there is no chance of any theft by an operator due to unmanned system. Plus, no fear of data theft since it is stored safely in system servers.
  10. Scalability: In most cases, weighbridge automation comes with flexibility and adaptability. Imagine what will happen if you will be compulsorily in need of some extra features after some years of installation. Is it economical to install completely new software? Not at all. That’s why adaptability is an essential need.
  11. Real-time Supervision: You can supervise the activities of the weighbridge without being physically present there through CCTV surveillance and live details on the dashboard.
  12. Competitive Advantage: You can stand a step ahead of your competitors if you are adopting advanced technology. After all, clients will prefer those who are accurate, fast, reliable, and advanced.
  13. Trust: Accurate weights and data help you in resolving any of the disputes or misunderstandings as the weighbridge automation work as proof of the proceedings and enable you to achieve the valuable trust of the customers.
Having the most efficient tools and merits can lead to ensuring proper management at gates leading to ease of coordination in vehicle movement. To learn how proper gate management can be done at weighbridge, visit-

How the Scenario of Weighbridge Industry has been Changed After Automation:

We have tried to figure out what change transformation has brought to the weighing operations.

Before AutomationAfter Automation
Danger of theftAnti-theft
Unsecured dataSecured data
LumpySmooth going
Bounded by timeWorking 24×7

For whom Weighbridge Automation is a Matter of Concern:

Weighing automation matters for you if you’re working in any of the industries like Cement, Mining, Courier company, Transport & Logistics, Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Chemical, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, or Retail.

Those who don’t fall into step with innovative technologies get easily kicked out of the market. So, be a commander of the market by introducing weighing transformation into your business before someone else grabs the chance.

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