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1. What is a weighbridge system automation?

A weighbridge system is the synchronization of several components that work together to provide weight readings when a truck drives onto a scale. It is a stand-alone system or an unmanned weighbridge that provides near to instant data on stock and inventory or even just the weight of the vehicle itself. It is an efficient way of managing incoming and outgoing vehicles in an automated manner.

2. What are the benefits of having Weighbridge Automation?

An ordinary weighbridge requires to be manned all the time to operate the scale, get the tare weight, direct the driver, and provide the driver with documents. It can aid in a speedier supply chain and during times of crisis like the Covid epidemic, they can keep the economy going and ensuring the delivery of vital supplies and equipment to those who need them. One can avoid physical contact between the driver and the weighbridge operator and pass on data intelligence on a real-time basis. The automation of your weighbridge also means the process of drivers passing in and out of your site or facilities becomes more streamlined. A reduction in time at weighbridges ensures a quicker turnaround of deliveries.

3. How can a weighbridge be automated?

A weighbridge can be automated through the steps of-

  • Driver Operated terminals-There is an easy driver interface that can be voice-activated, making the whole process of vehicles coming and going from the site as easy and quick as possible. The seamless amount of information stored on the driver, supplier, weight, and product also means that all the data that is needed is present.
  • Following proper traffic management- While pursuing an automated weighbridge system, one has to rely on the drivers entering and exiting the site to do so responsibly. To help with this, automated traffic management systems can be combined with a driver-operated weighbridge terminal, meaning that there is complete control over the number of vehicles entering and exiting, without the worry of congestion at any of the sites.
  • Number Plate Recognition- The number recognition cameras also called the ANPR integrates with the automated weighbridge software to simplify the operations. An added layer of security for the site indicates a smooth relay and coordination with the database.

4. What are the tools of an unmanned weighbridge system to increase performance and reduce costs?

The Unmanned weighbridge software uses and assimilates the sensors, RFID readers, LED information display, traffic lights, CCTV cameras, IP Cameras, and boom barriers and eliminates the need for a weighing slip. Also, the weighment entry can be used by interface users and parameters can be set as per client preferences. There are anti-theft security checks which reduce the chances of any pilferage.  The weighbridge automation software is well equipped to measure units in Kg, Lbs., Tons and is very versatile.

5. Why should one choose a Weighbridge Automation system?

The weighing system software provides complete transparency accuracy and visibility of data in a single box solution. The could based license system is completely scalable for business at any given point in time. The weighbridge software developers can also customize the logos, text, and footnotes along with unmatchable system integration. Excellence in data management and generating regular frequency reports concerning vehicle movement,weighment transactions is a key feature of the weighbridge automation software. A perfect volumetric real-time monitoring of transactions without being personally present on-site can be of great importance especially in times of the current pandemic. Human interaction is also completely minimized leading to a lot of cost-saving.