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a) What makes the weighbridge system automated?

There are different components used to make the automated system: The RMS uses the radio frequency ID (RFID) Card to identify the trucks and the loads. Once the truck and load are identified, the system will determine the minimum weight to begin the weighing. Once the vehicle is registered, it will display the proper weight.

b) How do the weighbridge automation systems work?

They use the latest wireless technologies, such as GSM/GPRS networks, and the internet to connect and communicate with the trucking company’s database. This information and data are fed into the autonomous truck, which will determine the vehicle and load required for the weighbridge. Due to the real-time access and communication capabilities of the weighbridge system, the operator will not be interrupted during weighing operations.

c) Can I integrate the weighbridge automation system with my company’s software? 

Yes, you can. As long as you are allowed to have an approved weighbridge software package, the weighbridge system can easily be integrated with your company’s computerized systems, accounting software, and workforce management software. This way, your company can easily increase its productivity and reduce its operational costs by eliminating manual weighing operations. It is also a perfect fit for your company’s safety requirements.

d) Are there any safety concerns? 

No, as long as the weighing platform is installed by a qualified and licensed technician, no technician is required to intervene throughout the entire weighing process. However, weighbridge booths typically have provisions for emergency assistance in case of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances.

e) Is there any other cost-benefit to automate the weighing process? 

Yes. Automating the entire supply chain offers significant cost savings to the company. This allows a company to accurately track the delivery of the product and eliminate or reduce the man-hours needed to conduct manual tasks such as inventory tracking. This results in cost savings, which leads to higher profits.

f) How does the weighbridge system work? 

When a vehicle arrives at the warehouse, the RFID reader sends a signal which the RFID machine then processes and generates a corresponding electronic charge on the handheld unit in the customer’s vehicle.