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Enhance your Supply Chain with Weighbridge Automation


The key to the success of all business environments rests on leveraging and optimizing the supply chain. A smooth and seamless supply chain management can aid businesses in eliminating any kind of excess costs and delivering products faster for the required purpose. All this involves a stringent and tighter control of inventories, production, distribution, and sales, and here is where automated weighbridge systems have been a boon for the improved supply chain management.

Global Industry Trends

Consumers have always sought strong players with exceptionally intelligent and smart solutions and superlative installation services. Many industries like Logistics, pharmaceuticals, mining, agriculture, food, and beverage, etc have partnered with Weighbridge providers to reap the benefits of time, transparency, accuracy, and going unmanned for the best supply chain management. There are market researchers who have identified potential markets and upcoming ones in integrating with the unmanned weighbridge system and software. While North America and Europe have always been dominant markets due to their advanced technologies, the Asian markets and African ones are also in the expansion mode due to the major rise in purchasing power. Nevertheless, Indian and Chinese markets are bound to take a leap and race ahead within no time.

Dynamic Features of the Unmanned weighbridge system

Dynamic Features of the Unmanned weighbridge system that help in the supply management effectively-

  • The leading weighbridge manufacturers have adopted multi-dimensional technologies like Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things which can help in calibration as per the industry need. This single box solution has a role-based access system with NPR Cameras and RFID and a clean and sophisticated data visualization.
  • The Weighbridge application has a volumetric scanning system that is compact and it gets easy to manoeuvre and set up or to install with utmost ease. This just ensures that the vehicles are never overloaded and will not cause the risk of damage, injury, or theft. The supply management gets simpler while any incurrence on maintenance gets eliminated practically.
  • The Weighbridge has centrally synchronized data software which makes it easy to reconcile transactions and help identify the glitches on a real-time basis for the management to take quick action anywhere and anytime.
  • The barcode plugins and exit and entry barriers along with advanced surveillance cameras are robust and totally weather resistant.
Unmanned Solution with RFID / ANPR Based Automation

Scalability with a difference

These electronic and weighbridge designs by major players like Endel come in with a lot of flexibility options and packages to choose from like the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise ones. They can customize and fit in for all kinds of enterprises, whether small, medium, or large. The multi-level management of the unmanned weighbridge system offers total versatility to manage products by measuring units in different units like the Kgs, tons, and Lbs. The customizable reports make it all the easier to manage active transactions, completed, or void with a pre-set logo, footnote, or text.

The Solution Design Re-Defined

The Automated Weighbridge management software is a beautiful combination of layers of hardware and software to get the desired results and achieve a smooth workflow. The weighing process gets more effective and productive and introduces a total predictive and professional precision in its processes. The batching, storing, and stock management with ulterior reporting helps in site security and swiftness in supply management with increased profitability.

The Final Word

The automated weighbridge systems are very unique and have the most comprehensive range of static, high speed, and weigh-in-motion that balances and monitors the equipment through a strategised network and technology. The scales, Weighbridges and calibration systems involve some of the most unique features and an SAP integration which makes it a class apart amongst the world systems for supply management.