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ORECS ERP Software - Construction Management, CRM, Vehicle/Machine Rental Software

machines, material inventory, stock inventory, job cards, log sheets, machine maintenance, worker schedules, contractor salaries. These are the things that float around the minds of every manager, at a construction firm. How does one manage the operations of hundreds of machines and workers at a construction site, and these problems only accumulate when the company operates multiple sites simultaneously. This is where a construction management software becomes crucial for any manager. These are some of the most important features that any construction management software should have

  • Smart project creation – the software should allow for easy creation of new projects, and allow the manager to add in the important details of the projects in just a few clicks. Important details of the smallest units of the projects should be covered in the software. For example, Project X has 10 Apartment buildings, each building has 5 floors, each floor has 4 houses, and each house has 3 rooms.
  • Material requisition breakdown – the software should allow for the site manager to request for materials for specific units of the projects, for example, ordering 200 tiles for the kitchen flooring of Apartment X on Site Y. This allows for simplified tracking of the materials being used throughout the projects, and mitigates the risk of double purchases and theft of material.
  • Simplified accountability – every activity that is done should show who the responsible authority is. This is important to ensure that, at the end of the day, every task, purchase and activity is accounted for.
  • Management of machinery equipment – there are a lot of heavy and expensive machineries used on construction sites, a lower level of productivity on these machines can cost a significant amount of money. The software should be able to record the productive hours of each machine. Additionally, preventive maintenance on these capital goods is crucial. The software should be able to provide regular reminders on maintenance activities, and what material is required for the same.
  • Regular Reports and reminders – The software should allow for setting a hierarchy and role-based access to information, so that the relevant information is reaching the right people. Daily reports should provide all the relevant information of the day’s activities to the senior staff members.
  • Smoothening the process of billing and invoicing – the software should be able to smartly prepare the invoices and bills with just a few clicks.

Finally, Perhaps the most important feature that all software solutions should come with…

  • Training and adoptability – A software, no matter how rich with features and benefits, is of no use when it is not being used appropriately. It is imperative that the software solution comes along with all-rounding training sessions, and is highly adoptable by all levels of employees. Any industrial management software needs to be simply understandable by all levels of employees, and not just the highly educated staff members. This may require months of training and adoptability, but it is one of the most crucial portions of any software solution. A simple software that is well-adopted and well-used may do more for an organization, than the most sophisticated and expensive software.

Endel Digital’s experience over the last few decades, has allowed us to fully study and understand the shortcomings and problems faced in the construction industry. Our experience, understanding, technological capabilities, has allowed us to create ORECS, an industrial management software, that is perfectly equipped to solve all the major issues that  construction industry players, like yourself, face. We have leveraged our industry knowledge and involvement with several key players across different industries, to formulate this curated and distinct modules for the construction industry. Our ethos has always been to create offerings that are entirely innovative and provide a solution in a way that no other can.