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ERP Solutions for Construction Construction Management Software


Construction companies need to have a complete and in-depth analytical view of their operations while managing a variety of processes like transportation, human resources, inventory, the overall health of equipment and tools. New-age companies need to focus heavily on automation as well, to ensure that processes are simplified. The ERP solutions for Construction offer a comprehensive suite of integrated applications powered by a powerful platform and have a range of services to enhance and improve distribution, project accounting, material disbursement, machine management, and much more.

Features to be considered while choosing the best ERP Construction Software 

The purpose of a Construction ERP software is to integrate the diffused operations into one compact solution to enable the entire team to effectively manage the full lifecycle of a project. The connectivity of all the different aspects on one single platform, can help in seamless and faster delivery of projects with less hindrance and more efficiency, thus creating higher profitability. The Construction ERP software can be customized with protocols like role-based access systems, real-time monitoring of events, audit trails, and network encryptions to protect and limit access to valuable business data which may avoid any breach in resource utilization. A few key features that should be taken into consideration while choosing a construction ERP are-

  • It should be able to provide a robust financial offering with the best cost estimation and a provision of maximum budget, also taking into consideration the area and material.
  • The solution should possess a document and workflow management to track the progress along with productivity monitoring.
  • It should have an embedded analytics for facility and equipment management along with the provision of bid management.
  • The ERP should have a business intelligence control over the budgeting by setting up the material requisition flow to keep track of materials required versus the disbursed ones.
  • It should be equipped with an effective HR Management for on-time salary disbursement and compliance fulfilment.
  • A daily tracking mechanism and diary for employees should be well incorporated in the ERP systems.
  • A comprehensive feature for tracking the renewals like license and insurance of manpower should be embedded in the Construction ERP.
  • The ERP module should have a seamless system of managing a wide team of Contractors and Sub Contractors
  • It is essential that once all the above requirements are fulfilled a well versed training on the successful implementation is imparted to the users. The soft dynamics of the ERP is important to decide how much of resources will be utilised and how effortlessly the integration can be carried out. The ERP vendor must conduct a regular updation and training session and reputable service providers acclaim the highest quality of input in the form of trainings on Construction ERP.
ERP Construction Management Software - Construction ERP Online Software

Any Construction management software should possess versatile budgeting tools that can be used to create budgets and modify them according to the company’s needs. Similarly, construction management uses a lot of documents like the construction drawings and activity schedules which need to be organized and distributed. An excellent ERP for construction can help to store and retrieving the documents and allow for any inspection or quality checks and quality along with maintaining timeliness. Construction managers must acquire such advanced construction project management software to get the best overview of the project and taking a lead with actionable information.

ORECS provides a global resource planning platform that provides a perfect choice for flexibility and agility that is scalable and configurable. It provides the best platform for implementation and expansion that can help run your business with an array of unified capabilities. While choosing an ERP for construction one should look for a system with improved business intelligence that can streamline operations. It helps in the consideration of organizational growth as it can scale up operations. Reporting is also a must-have in the construction industry and is essential for every department. ORECS by Endel Digital Solutions provides customized reports that can be built and edited as per needs. It provides complete flexibility as this construction ERP online software can be accessed from anywhere anytime. ORECS is a simple and user-friendly assistant and a result of extensive research and tried and tested to help the user get a robust architecture and a communication structure that is devoid of the hassles of too many phone calls and emails.

ERP Solutions for Construction Construction ERP Online Software