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In current age, manufacturing units are becoming more complex, larger and tightly integrated. Customers are looking for manufacturing process details more transparently and in real-time. Engineering, maintenance, and productions departments are required to optimize production efficiency, improvise quality while reducing cost.

Batch processing is the process in which series of operations are carried out on a material or combination of materials over a period of time. Batch processing is at the heart of core operations of most of the chemical, Agrochem, pharmaceutical, paint & pigment industry Endel Digital’s LABMAST is a refreshingly new Digital platform for helping customer optimize their batch management processes. LABMAST is designed with ease of operations and User personas in mind so that users at each level benefit through this digital transformation

Endel Digital’s LABMAST Is Industry 4.0 Solutions And Is Based On The Tenets Of;

Digitize data entry

  • Convert all manual forms into digital forms.
  • Mobile application- based interface with workflow automation
  • Kanban representation for efficient functions

Integrate machines using IIOT

  • Integrate data with the help of sensors
  • Integrate machine-to- machine communication with RS232 and RS485 interfaces

Provide insight

  • Map business KPIs with the application insight
  • Implement Business Intelligence dashboards through multi-system integration



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