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Automate your Weighing Operations with Efficient Number Plate Recognition

About ANPR

If you’re searching for an accurate and efficient way to weigh vehicles at your organization’s premises, ANPR-enabled weighing solution from Endel Digital is the perfect choice. We have developed an ideal solution for your weighbridge that integrates the state-of-the-art Hikvision ANPR system. This system validates the vehicles entering and exiting your weighbridge, ensuring enhanced security and streamlined operations.

Our weighbridge data management system, WeighMAST, seamlessly integrates with Hikvision’s ANPR technology, offering the highest level of security and compatibility with existing software. The ANPR cameras provided by Hikvision are not only affordable and reliable but also relevant for a wide range of applications. Equipped with powerful processors and deep learning algorithms, these cameras deliver accurate results even in challenging conditions such as low-light environments, suboptimal vantage points, and with non-standard characters. Hikvision’s ANPR camera system is designed to integrate directly with our weighbridge software, providing a seamless user experience.

How ANPR works?

Hikvision ANPR: The ideal solution for you

Endel Digital, a leading provider of digital security solutions, excels in developing state-of-the-art ANPR technology. Our systems seamlessly integrate with Hikvision’s industry-leading technologies and algorithms. The ANPR system locates the number plate on the vehicle, isolates and recognizes all the characters on the plate, and digitally stores the reformatted characters.

ANPR Weighing Solution

Features of the ANPR-integrated Weighing Automation


The Hikvision ANPR camera boasts an ultra-high recognition rate, even in environments with a continuous flow of vehicles. It excels in low-light and adverse weather conditions, making it suitable for various applications.

Enhanced Security

Our solution can be integrated with auto-alarm systems, alerting you when blacklisted vehicles attempt to enter your premises. This feature ensures that you are always aware of potential threats and can take appropriate action.

Seamless Implementation

The flexible integration capabilities of ANPR systems allow you to connect with existing gate management systems, ERPs, cloud servers, and more. This enables you to manage all your operations from a single platform, improving efficiency and convenience.

Centralized Management

With our ANPR-integrated weighing solution, you gain access to comprehensive vehicle records that include entry and exit timestamps, providing valuable insights for monitoring and analysis.

Flexible Integration

Endel Digital’s weighbridge solutions offer easy deployment and integration, saving you both time and money during the implementation process.

ANPR-enabled Weighing Solution

Benefits of ANPR Weighing Solution

Hikvision’s ANPR technology is designed to adapt to any environmental conditions, utilizing advanced algorithms to recognize multiple plate types from different regions. In ideal weather and lighting conditions, Hikvision ANPR cameras achieve more than 95% accuracy, and over 98% accuracy in optimal conditions.

Security and Vehicle Access Control: The ANPR system focuses on these two crucial aspects to enhance security at your site. It offers both weighted and unweighted options to suit your specific requirements, while our products are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.

No Add-ons Required: Our ANPR weighing solution eliminates the need for additional software or licenses from third-party companies. You won’t require any physical dongles either, simplifying the setup process.

Multi-camera Connectivity Capability: Our ANPR system supports simultaneous connectivity with multiple cameras, making it a powerful tool for security and surveillance applications.

Incorporating ANPR technology into your weighing operations brings numerous benefits, including increased security, streamlined processes, and improved efficiency. With Endel Digital’s ANPR-enabled weighing solution, you can automate your operations and ensure accurate and reliable vehicle weighing. The integration of Hikvision’s ANPR system with our weighbridge software provides a comprehensive solution that enhances security, simplifies operations, and optimizes efficiency.

Investing in ANPR technology offers peace of mind, knowing that your weighbridge operations are secure and efficient. The accurate recognition of number plates, even in challenging conditions, allows for seamless vehicle validation and reduces the risk of unauthorized access. With real-time monitoring and the ability to connect with existing systems, you can effectively manage vehicle access control and enhance overall site security.

Furthermore, the ANPR weighing solution eliminates the need for additional software or licenses from third-party providers. The system is designed to be cost-effective, providing a reliable and all-inclusive solution without the hassle of add-ons or dongles. The flexibility of integrating with multiple cameras further enhances surveillance capabilities, making it an invaluable asset for monitoring and maintaining security on your premises.

By automating the weighing process with ANPR technology, you can streamline operations, minimize errors, and increase overall productivity. The centralized management and comprehensive vehicle records enable better tracking, analysis, and reporting, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business.

In conclusion, ANPR-enabled weighing solutions offer significant advantages for organizations in various industries. The integration of Hikvision’s ANPR system with our weighbridge software ensures secure, efficient, and automated weighing operations. With features such as accurate number plate recognition, seamless implementation, enhanced security, and flexible integration capabilities, you can optimize your weighbridge operations, improve productivity, and achieve greater control over your site’s security.