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Anchoring efficiency: How Arise Ports enhanced safety and security on their premises

Arise Ports and Logistics is a leading infrastructure company in Africa, aiding in all types of logistical and port management solutions. One of their leading ports- Industrial terminal of San Pedro (TIPSP) is considered to be one of the largest ports in the western African region. The port manages 300,000+ Tons of cargo storage and 20,000+ tons of fertilizer storage, making this port one of the busiest areas in the city of San Pedro. Due to the heavy movement of nickel ore and other commodities, 24/7 security and visibility of operations was the key concern of the management.

Exhaustive flow of manpower, material, and automobiles

There are more than 1000 of trucks, and more than 5000 of persons entering the exiting the premises on a daily basis, all managed by manual paper trails.
  • Increased chances of unauthorized vehicles entering the premises for material theft or other malpractices.
  • Manual weighbridge operations increase chances of inaccurate data capturing, or intentionally tampering with the data.
  • Lack of visibility of any truck’s turnaround time, allowing for authorized and unauthorized vehicles to stay within the premises for longer times and posing as a security threat.
  • Vehicles entering and exiting the campus without completing the required processes, documentation, and weighment activities.
  • Unable to flag or blacklist any persons for non-compliance or misbehavior.
  • Poor network connectivity hampers operations.
  • Commotion at entry and exit gates due badly managed traffic and vehicle movement.

Charting the course for innovative process control solutions

After spending a considerable time decoding the requirements from various stakeholders and key persons within the processes, we were able to provide a tailored solution for their needs.
  • Responsive application that can be operated from all types of devices.
  • Automating the weighbridge operations and turning it into a fully automated manless weighbridge.
  • Customized ANPR module developed within the application for vehicle registration and weighbridge automation.
  • Centralized approval workflow for all vehicle movement within premises and weighbridges.
  • Integration of weighbridge system, SAP system, and Port Management System to track all the scheduling of the material, manpower, and vehicles.
  • Mandatory documentation processes – does not allow vehicle to enter without storing national ID and other required details.
  • Auto-weighment data captured within the gate pass itself.
  • Monitoring the time of loading and unloading of vehicles to ensure efficiency.

Smooth sailing for security protocols

Once exhaustive training and implementation of all the port managers and security personnel was completed, the solution was an unmitigated success.
  • More than 200,000 transactions recorded in under 6 months.
  • Automatic weighment operations recorded more than 2.2million tons of material in under 6 months.
  • Complete elimination of unauthorized vehicle entry.
  • Blacklisting certain drivers and personnel ensured that security threats were mitigated.
  • The implementation of the solution and the security processes led to more than 50% reduction in material loss.
  • Daily Turnaround time for operations reduced by 2 hours.