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Advanced Sustainability of An Automated Weighbridge

An Overview– The Unmanned Weighbridge Solution is an automated solution for weighbridges that incorporates peripheral devices and intelligent control systems to perform different activities for effective weight management. The efficient and well-organized solution offered by automated weighbridge management enables a 24/7 operation without the need for a dedicated operator.

Components of the Unmanned Weighbridge System

The latest generation weighbridge mechanism uses a systemized process that facilitates deployment in premise and cloud servers in combination with remote monitoring and configuration. They include unique functionalities like-

  • Multiple positioned sensors for accurate vehicle positioning.
  • Boom Barriers that are optional to control physical access to the weighbridge entry and exit. Streamlining vehicle movement with an Information display system to guide the driver as well.
  • The Weighing intelligence software provides live streams from IP cameras and provides seamless integration with ERP systems like SAP that can even weigh data of multiple weighbridges.
  • The Ultra frequency-based RFID readers allow them to connect on a broader basis securely and safely.
  • Being able to go green as paperless work is done and within a fraction of seconds.
Weighing Intelligence Software

Why the reliability and accuracy of a Weighbridge are of importance

The purpose of a weighbridge is to regularize the commercial weighing industry through accurate data and automation. Since the manual intervention is drastically reduced the process becomes a tamper-free one. Its benefits include-

  • Increasing the operational efficiency by employing systems for vehicle registration and identification, eliminating long queues or any kind of overcrowding at the booths.
  • Flexibility as they can be used in the Saas Mode as well as be deployed in a private cloud for multi decks.
  • It eliminates malpractices and thefts and identifies them in real-time, thus providing visibility of data that reduce operating losses.
  • The world of digital transformation with weighbridge solutions makes it easier for an integration with gate management systems and third-party applications which meets the cost optimization objective.
  • Smart contract management also enables profitable deals between the suppliers, vendors, and customers as there is a real-time data exchange and complete transparency.

The Weighbridge software processing advantages in many industries categorically

  • This software provides a photo viewer facility and eliminates any scope of malpractice.
  • The weighbridge management also guarantees faster throughput for busy bridges.
  • The chances of any overload are also avoided and even the driver theft possibilities are ruled out.
  • The bonus is that especially in times of pandemic or other crisis, critical supplies don’t get interrupted and a manless weighbridge still keeps the workflow intact and the economy rolling and self-sufficient.

An overview and benefits industry-wise is worth listing

Food and beverage– Weighbridges can benefit the food and beverage industry as they meet the exacting demands of accuracy, hygiene, timeliness, especially in the Covid times.

Transportation and Logistics– Logistics and right transportation entail getting the right product to the right customer in the right condition at the right time.  A user-friendly unmanned weighbridge operation optimizes logistics with regulatory compliances.

Agriculture– The weighbridge is customized to suit different spectrums of industries like agriculture where outbound containers need to be delivered quickly, accurately, and repeatedly. It accurately measures the DNA of weights and measurements.

Pharmaceuticals– An automated weighbridge can provide total consumer protection as medicine prices depend on the weight and many valuable medicines get total safety and accuracy.

Mining and Manufacturing– Manufacturers of weighbridge offer high-quality load cells to sustain higher loads and provide a faster supply chain management to achieve higher profits without the wastage of time and costs.

Take Away– The Weighbridge automated solutions are designed to be compatible with companies that are going global and on the competitive edge. They enable companies to perform better operationally and financially with strict adherence to auditability and accountability. This online weighbridge software is a single screen one with user access control that vastly benefits the management and aids in important decision-making.