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Things to Know About Weighing

In an industrial setting, weighing does not only mean measuring weights in respective units (KGs, Tons, etc). but also following a complete process which includes

  1. Batching: For improving efficiency and saving time
  2. Weighbridge Machine: To easily get your weighment captured & counted
  3. Stock Management: To control inventory, delivery & supply
  4. Storing Data: To have accurate data on warehousing
  5. Reporting: To ensure profitability
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Some Assorted Findings

  • Most of the weighing operations are now focused on avoiding data alteration and removing thefts led by operators making the safety of weighment data, a major concern.
  • Industries are adopting weighing innovations to ensure accuracy.
  • Leading weighbridge manufacturers tend to adopt advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things in weighing.
  • Weighing automation is going to be the biggest market trend.
  • Weighing automation will become a high trending demand in the market, with customization of weighing solutions.

Some of the industry-wise applications of weighing

Transportation and Logistics

A weighbridge is widely used in the transportation and logistics industry for ascertaining different weighing measurements accurately. They help in quick measurement of the weighment for numerous trucks.


For ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products, it is crucial for the measurement to be accurate. The precision offered by the weighbridge helps in maintaining the quality standard for Pharmaceutical industries.

Courier Companies

For courier companies, it is important to measure weighment accurately to ensure that operation is as efficient as possible to make sure that records are maintained well.


In the mining sector, weighbridges increase software capabilities and providing accurate measurement reports providing for better inventory management and operation.


Weighbridges accurately measure the inputs, analyze the data collected to improve operational efficiency in manufacturing. They provide statistics that are useful to ascertain wastage.


In the agricultural sector, weighbridges help in measuring agricultural equipment weighments. They allow for complete compliance with different inventory management policies.


With ERP integration, Chemical industries can generate different analytic reports based on precise weighment measurement for production and inventory management.

Food and Beverages

To avoid wastage and shortage in the consumables industry weighing operations must be conducted with precision and care. Weighbridges help in executing that.

Digital Vs Traditional

What Changed in Weighing With Time?

Weighing Software for Automated Weighbridges - Endel Digital Solutions
Features Traditional Digital
Human Dependency
Secured Data
Operator Led Theft
Truck Driver Led Theft


It’s better to know what’s going on in the market you’re working in.

  • Customers prefer those who offer strong after installation support.
  • Those who don’t delay in responding dominate the weighing solutions market.
  • According to transparency market research-
  1. North America and Europe are the dominant markets for weighbridges with advancements in technology.
  2. The Asia Pacific market will expand promptly due to a significant rise in purchasing power.
  3. According to forecasts, China and India will dominate the weighbridge market in the coming years.
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