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What is Lab Management Software:

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software is a software designed to achieve accuracy in industrial laboratory functions- sample testing, data tracking, inventory management, managing experiments, and recording results. LIMS software automates the workflows by registering the sample, preparing & testing, importing results, and releasing the reports through its inbuilt features.

Points to be Considered While Choosing Laboratory Management System for Your Lab:

Consider the following points to find out the best suitable laboratory software:

  • Nature of the industry you are operating in
  • Your testing requirements
  • Size of your samples
  • Your budget
  • Your technological requirements
  • Level of automation you need
  • Level of customization you need

List of 10 Great Laboratory Softwares:

Keeping in mind your requirements, have a look at the list of best Lab Information Systems we suggest, hoping that you will find your best one.

  1. LabWare: LabWare claims to be the best single stop solution to your system lab requirements for more than 30 years. LabWare comes up with 3 options to deploy laboratory software-
    1. On-Premise
    2.  PaaS (Platform as a Service)
    3.  SaaS (Software as a Service)
  2. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Thermo scientific sample manager LIMS is a LIMS, SDMS (Scientific Data Management System), and LES (Laboratory Execution Systems) software, suitable for a large hoop of industries with the facility of configuration. It is well thought of in manufacturing, QA/QC, and process industries. This lab management software is collaborative, adaptive, and secured. It also offers mobile LIMS.
    1. Notable Features:
      • SOP Compliance
      • Flexibility
      • Cloud or On-premises deployment
      • Compliance with industry regulations
  3. Lab-Aid by Yokogawa India: Lab-Aid is a great laboratory software especially for testing in manufacturing and service-oriented companies, as well as other sectors like water treatment, environmental, food & beverages, oil & gas, pharma, chemical, medical equipment, etc. Focusing on customer satisfaction, it provides operational standardization and improved data quality.
    1. Notable Features:
      • Real-time monitoring
      • Traceability
      • Customization cost reduction
  4. Oasis: Oasis is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company providing Oasis LIMS 4.O enterprise to support large size labs, Research & Development centers, and pharmaceutical organizations. Its expertise offers minimum resource requirements and a reduction in implementation time & cost.
    1. Notable Features:
      • Electronic signatures & records
      • Automatic schedulers
      • Stability management
      • ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)
  5. OptiLIMS by INNOVAL: OptiLIMS is a flexible laboratory Information Management System to cope up with your business needs from time to time. It is suitable for industries like environmental, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, microbiology, etc. It integrates easily with test equipment through API (Application Programming Interface).
    1. Notable Features:
      • Alerts for tasks & delays
      • Extensive MIS & dashboard
      • Sample collection scheduling
  6. LabVantage: LabVantage is the most advanced laboratory information system suitable for all- large or small size companies. It integrates with ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), LES (Laboratory Execution System) & SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) to provide a comprehensive solution. It helps you remove the risk of project delays and failures.
    1. Notable Features:
      • Robust storage options
      • Configuration management & transfer feature
      • Integration with instruments & systems
      • Reduced data bottlenecks
  7. Enso LIMS: A LIMS system that is suitable for both- industrial laboratories and research institutes. Enso LIMS helps you automate your front office workflows by centralizing data and reducing management overheads. It delivers a great ROI (Return On Investment) and reduced overheads.
    1. Notable Features:
      • LIMS database querying & analytics
      • MIS (Management Information System)
      • Human resource management
      • Customer portal for commercial labs
  8. Revol LIMS: Revol LIMS simplifies your laboratory challenges with dynamic reports, comparative analysis, and complete audit trails. It complies with ISO 17025, FSA 21 CFR Part11, and CAP regulations. It keeps you alert about incompleted projects and deadlines through Email reminders and SMS.
    1. Notable Features:
      • PC, tablet & mobile responsive and Mobile application
      • ERP integration
      • True zero-footprint architecture
      • Configurable RBS for users
      • SQC / SPC
  9. Qualis LIMS: This Laboratory Information System helps you meet your laboratory deadlines by maximum utilization of the equipment, allocation of work, and scheduling samples. Qualis is an out of the box solution with the facility of KPI monitoring and dynamic dashboards.
    1. Notable Features:
      • Calibration, maintenance, and validation of instruments & pieces of equipment
      • Allocation of work for personnel
      • Configurable dashboards
      • Live to track samples, tests, orders, and reports
  10. Horizon LIMS: Horizon comes to your lab with efficient back and technical support. it cuts your cost by playing the role of a full-time employee for your lab operations. It is suitable for both kinds of labs- hospital & commercial. It delivers minimum disturbance and quick results.
    1. Notable Features:
      1. Custom reports
      2. Quick integration of instruments
      3. Data storing without network connectivity
      4. Visibility, stability, and traceability of the test results

To make the choice easy, compare the features of the above given LIMS Softwares, put the list of your requirements in front of your eyes, and find out the best match to achieve optimum results.